(Hero Suggestion) Tenshi: Dogfighter

Are non-elemental heros allowed? If they do need an assigned type, then tenshi is an energy hero. Probably the most detailed hero ill ever write.

Tenshi: Tengu Pilot
Mid-Line Non-Elemental
Yakuza/People’s Guard
Health/Defensive Ratings: 3/5
Marksmans Rifle: Kazekiri
-Damage per shot: 4/5
-Fire Rate: 0.95 shots every second
-Clip Size: 8
-Reload Speed: 4 Seconds
Wind Cannon: Kamekaze

A young assembly line worker from the second great war. Tenshi snuck out on a plane to experience flying for herself, but got shot down as an unauthorized flight and crash landed in the middle of the battlefield. She wanted to help fight in the ongoing battle so she salvaged an anti infantry cannon, and parts of the engine to create a weapon made to rule over the wind. A few years after getting pulled from the front lines due to being a worker, Tenshi resurfaces to join in on the hunt.

[Air Raid] Bronze (Fast Charge)
She sucks in all the surrounding oxgen for 1 seconds, and fires a pressurized air blast at the opponents chest, robbing them of their breath and inflicting [Asphyxiate]. It makes them 20% slower for 12 seconds (40% cap), and depletes 15% of their skill meter. Does (Average) damage, and can over-charge up to 3 times, leading to multiple Raids in quick succession.

[Gale-Force] Silver (Slow Charge)
Charge for 5 seconds, and fire a heated air blast at an enemy. It does (Medium) area burn damage on contact, creating a strong updraft, resulting in high winds. Ally skill charge and movement speed are 25% faster. Enemy movement speed gets slowed 30%. [Tailwind] and its fire lasts for 15 seconds.

[Bombing Run] Gold
Every use of [Air Raid] provides a charge of [Bombing Run]. Standing still for 2 seconds changes her ammo type, allowing her to use these charges. They destroy 5% of the opponent’s skill meter, slows them down 10% for 8 seconds, and does (Light) normal damage. Can store up to 3 charges. Multiple Bombing Runs can slow an enemy 30% max.

[Second Wind] Platinum
Whenever an allied hero drops below 30% health while the second stage of [GaleForce] is active, they fill 30% of their meter instantly and recover (Small) amounts of health. If an enemy is slowed down 100%, they take (decent) damage over time while attempting to move.

Sorry if the backstory is too long, i just wanted to practice character writing… or something…? Well the main idea behind her abilities is to gradually slow and wear an enemy down, and all the little effects eventually add up to high damage, while still supporting her team. She still needs a bit of work, so feedback helps as always, thank you!


Been wondering why there are less energy heroes, and so much mechanics though…
Sometimes it makes