Hero Tier List for PVP and Raids

This is the link to the document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-eNT4RHI2ylMOrAMcRFzTm9FQyhAGW5Z1RyK-83_rz0/edit


It’s locked, need to request access

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Working on it sorry, not to familiar with computers

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The issue should now be solved

PVP Tier list

  1. Mandrake should be moved from VERY GOOD to GODLY as he is still in 9/10 teams at the top tier
  2. 4-cep should be moved from PRETTY GOOD to GODLY as he will still wipe your team easily
  3. Kurtz should be moved from PRETTY GOOD to GODLY as he will also still wipe your team
  4. Alvarazez should be moved from DECENT to VERY GOOD as he can be the decider between winning and losing a game
  5. Cast should be moved from NOT VERY GOOD to DECENT as he is tanky and can silence/ stun
  6. Panzer should be moved from DECENT to VERY GOOD as she is still highly powerful in her dps
  7. Jarek should be moved from DECENT to PRETTY GOOD as he also does high damage as well as lifts/stuns
  8. Hardscope should be moved from GODLY to VERY GOOD as he is easily beaten by others now
  9. Astrix should be moved from VERY GOOD to GODLY as she can break down any element with her skills

Raids tier list

  1. Kurtz should not be marked as NOT VERY GOOD and should be added to LITERAL GODS as he can easily make you win with a significantly weaker team simply by using execute, the buffs are incredible and game breaking
  2. Serial should be moved from VERY GOOD to GODLY as his shield can tank all damage in raids, this is especially useful in Helios, he also has one of the highest dps in the game
  3. Commando should be moved from VERY GOOD to GODLY as his skills make his critical and overall damage insane against all elements
  4. Hivemind should be moved from VERY GOOD to LITERAL GOD as he is used to carry almost any raid, he is one of the most useful heroes in the game for raids
  5. Cinder should be moved from VERY GOOD to GODLY as she can do insane damage and her platinum allows her to be tanky as well, helpful for helios if you struggle
  6. Marianas should be moved to GODLY as she can do damage between waves, meaning when you run from wave 1 to wave 2 the enemies are already taking damage giving you an edge, this is even more deadly with Halo
  7. Astrix should be moved from VERY GOOD to LITERAL GOD for the same reason she should in PVP, her boomerang does insane damage to the tanky raid bosses
  8. Xianjiu should be moved down to DECENT as he does little more than tank hits, makes no measurable difference and can be swapped with any other hero for the same results
  9. Halo and Siren should both be moved up to LITERAL GODS, there is a reason why everyone uses these two for raids, they do insane damage and finish raids quickly
  10. Savage, Castellian and Briar should not be Godly, they are VERY GOOD at most. Savage’s damage is pathetic and there are better heroes for triggering halo such as Siren and Marianas, Castellian’s bots get wiped between waves and briar’s heal relies entirely on her damage, there are better healing alternatives such as Kobold or Duran.
  11. Min should not be in LITERAL GODS, she relies on enemies using skills to trigger a shield which is slow in some raids where enemies don’t even get the chance to proc skills, butters/phalanx/kobold are better options.

These are my opinions in changes that could be made to your list, for the most part they are good but some I would say are honestly wrong. It’s dependent on the power you play for pvp and who you do raids with however.

I would also like to add that the part at the beginning of your post being based on statistics and facts with your gathered information could you please post said data because posts like this are 100% based on opinions, please don’t pass opinions on as facts as it often ends badly with people’s opions getting hurt


Izerumi is a literal God for Raids… Can anybody explain at what level and how to use her for Raids .

She gains a certain amount of damage after she kills someone affected by either her silver or platinum, that damage gets so insane that my 7 star platinum zumi deals 50k damage after she got it, thats 2 million in just 4 seconds and that doubles when she is maxed


I can agree on some, but not every indeed, but i really appreciate you showed you opinion on some heroesđź‘Ť

Wow nice , will have to upgrade her more and try this out .Thanks for the Information.

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my thoughts on PVP

Cast up to Decent/pretty good - he’s a great wall and does his job as a disruptor pretty well.
4-Cep - godly lol
Kurtz - godly - there’s a reason why he’s the priority target and needs the highest amount of piloting and support
Jarek up to pretty good - with good support, he can continuously cripple your main DD or a priority target
Panzer to Very Good for obvious reasons - he still melts any energy in one clip + bronze
Striker to Pretty Good - if supported well, her drones can be a pain to deal with with their constant shielding and invisibility
Purifier to Pretty Good - his DOT and skill synergy is no joke.
Oro to not very good - eh.
Savage is pretty lame and decent at best- crappy defense (for a frontline) and lackluster attack. his bronze is easy to counter and his Silver takes too long to CD before you can even make use of it

Min is overrated here - she’s “very good” at best
Hivemind up to literal God
Halo to literal God - best synergy with other heroes
Xianju down one level
Surge down one level
Serial up one level
Artemis (didnt see her in the list) - very good/godly
Cinder - godly - her debuff is amazing
Anvil is actually quite decent
Astrix up to godly
Cross down to decent
Ryker up one level

my 2 cents


Ohh looks like very helpful to me now first of all i upgrade my irezumi. im tired of loosing to 1-8 extreme. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Also i read intire table good work bro.

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Zumi won’t win you 1-8 Extreme, she will be destroyed in seconds

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zumi is still to squishy to stay alive in 1.8 extreme, she is insane for co-ops

Then what can i do for 1-8 extreme

I heard serial did wonders, i don’t really know about that i used Alvarez some support and francoise, not reccomened but it did it