Rygel's Rambles: PvP Tier List [PATCH 1.0]

Rygel’s Rambles: PvP Tier List [PATCH 1.0]

Who are the Best Characters to climb the PvP ladder with

Who is this Rygel guy?

Hello Hero Hunters, my name is [808] Rygel and some of you may have seen me around in the Global and VIP chat channels while in game. I’m a member of the prominent and highly active Hawaii Warriors Alliance. I started playing Hero Hunters while it was still on it’s 0.1 version/update (Not too sure if they had a 0.0 version or not). I was the second player ( @Tranquilmoon606 managed to beat me by less than an hour) to have reached Tier 1 (and made it onto the Leaderboard, back when there was only one global leaderboard for all PvP, before the tournament system was released) once PvP was released. Ever since then, I’ve been fairly active in the PvP scene, (aside from a hiatus I had at the end of 2017). I am very passionate about this game, and love helping the community grow and expand, especially now that Hero Hunters has launched world wide, and we’ve got a huge influx of fresh hunters into the mix.

Preface Ramble

Hey Hero Hunters, I’m FINALY back with another Tier list, all fresh for the 1.0 patch, and our new influx of fellow players around the world. I will be compiling a list of all the heroes in the game, and sorting them into tiers, to help our community grow in knowledge, as well as help other players which I will through playtesting, theory crafting and feedback from other players. So please bear with me while the first few versions of this list may not be too accurate, as we as a community grow and develop strategies and metas.

Please note: I currently only have my tier lists for PvPing in mid-late game (aka: Post Gold Abilities unlocked) filled out, I will hopefully be finalizing my early game PvP tier lists later this week, after I’ve playtested some more on my alt account, crunched some more numbers and put more research into Pre Gold PvPing.

PATCH: 1.0 Updates

With the big milestone 1.0 patch, and the accompanying World Wide launch, the number of balance changes for heroes is a bit lower than in the past (during beta), so we can hope that the heroes have been stabilized a bit (and only see smaller balance tweaks, and no drastic re-works).


Bolt Ghoul Halloway Heimlock Mauler Moss Odachi Phoenix Prophet


Mandrake Razorback


(neutral changes or mix of buff & nerf)
Artemis Beck Keel Maven Richter

Now for the Tier lists:

Full Roster Tier List (Post Gold Abilities)

Tier 1: Gods

(Good in Almost Every Situation)
Front Line: Mandrake Gammond Heimlock

Mid Line: Mauler

Rear Line: Keel

Tier 1.5: Demi-Gods

Currently hovering between Tier 1 and 2
Front Line: Matador Razorback Savage_a
Mid Line: Heckler
Rear Line: Moss Prophet

Tier 2: Strong Choices

Works well in many situations

Front Line: Cast Phalanx

Mid Line: Beck Clyde Maven Odachi

Rear Line: Halo Sentry

Tier 3: Balanced Choices

Front Line: Baron Butter Castellan_a Hivemind Oro Richter Steele

Mid Line: Bolt Chesterfield Cross Dogface Elite Rifleman Ghoul Halloway Hideo_a Phoenix Pris_a Ronin Ryker Salvatore

Rear Line: Artemis Nightengale_a Operator Surge

Tier 4: Underpowered/Specialized Choices

Front Line: Vanguard Fortress

Mid Line: Hardscope

Rear Line: Francis

Farmer’s Tier List (Post Gold Abilities)

Only includes heroes that can be acquired without spending gold

Tier 1: God Tier

Good in many situations | “Easily” Upgraded

Front Line: Mandrake Matador

Mid Line: Beck Maven

Rear Line: Keel

Tier 2: Strong Choices

Front Line: Cast

Mid Line: Bolt Clyde Halloway

Rear Line: Dogface Sentry

Tier 3: Balanced Choices

Front Line: Butter

Mid Line: Chesterfield Cross Elite Rifleman Ryker

Rear Line: Nightengale_a Operator Surge

Tier 4: Underpowered or Specialized Choices

Front Line: Vanguard

Mid Line: Fortress

Rear Line: Hardscope

Coming Soon: Pre-Gold Ability tier lists

In this section the Full Roster and Farmers Tier lists for heroes for PvPing in the early game, before you've leveled high enough to contend with heroes with their Gold abilities unlock. (Green, Bronze and Silver heroes only). This needs a little more research on my alt account.

Hero Tier Explanations

Tier 1 - Gods: These Heroes are the strongest or best equiped to do what they're designed to do: High Damage Dealers, Nigh unkillable Frontliners, Great Defenders, Healers, Disruptors, Support, and they typically have more than one tool to work with, or fit really well into multiple roles. In the Farmer's Tier List, strong and easily upgraded heroes (ones who have a really high upgrade cap that doesn't rely on buying crates for upgrade materials) are also included

Tier 1.5 - Demi-Gods: These heroes are on the cusp of ascending to the God tier, or have recently received balance tweaks that are bringing them back down to just being merely "exceptional mortals"

Tier 2 - Strong Choices: These heroes, generally do well in many situations, and have some sort of advantage over most other heroes in their role.

Tier 3 - Balanced Choices: These heroes tend to be relatively balanced and hopefully here is where Hothead Games designers are aiming to get their PvP hero designs to reside. These heroes generally do well at their job, however they're not overpowered by any means, and do have their weaknesses

Tier 4 - Underpowered or Specialized Choices: Some of these heroes can still do well in a PvP setting, but they tend to feel a little underpowered or offer less reward than that of others in their role. These heroes may also be better suited or specifically designed to excel in other game modes, such as Campaign, Raids or Gauntlet.

Coming Soon: Hero Ranking Explanations

In this section I will explain why certain heroes were ranked where they were on my list


  • The purpose of this list is primarily for discussion and to provide a starting point for helping players both in their PvP Hero/Team selection, as well as in their decisions on who to invest effort upgrading first.
  • Your preferred playstyle (including your proficiencies with the various weapon and character styles) as well as the team comp on a whole matters as much, if not more than any perceived power of any one individual hero.
  • This list is only ranking heroes based on their perceived PvP power, various heroes could belong to a vastly different “tier” in the other game modes, such as Campaign, Raids or Gauntlet.

Gammond can be bought in PvP store right now. So he can be added to Farmer’s Tier List

thank you Eugene

I’ll be adding this to the 1.1 list I’m compiling now.

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This is great, thanks!

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When’s your update coming in, @Rygel

Big thanks for the 1.0.

Now waiting for 1.1 update, hope you will release it soon.


Also looking forward to the next list, but if it’s not too much work, a line or two with explanations about why you see a hero in that particular tier, would be awesome :slight_smile:


Any updated pvp tier list?

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WOW - just seen your team @Rygel - I have some catching up to do! lol


I like this tier list!
Is Moss really a demi-God? I find him OK but not much more. He’s got that self harm issue and no proper self heal - that just a turn off for me.

Well, this list is 3 months old, and doesnt take into account any platinium skill, so I wouldnt rely much on it. But yeah, Moss is a beast of a healer, if protected correctly

What makes Mauler rank this high? Mine is just Silver but not awfully impressing. Should I gold him?

He’s not great, this list is pretty outdated despite being only a few months old. Hero updates and platinum abilities have really changed the landscape. The best thing about Mauler are his two specials which are useful for interrupting opponents (and a lengthy stun if you stack them) but he’s not tanky enough or high enough DPS to be top tier.

I also wouldn’t consider Matador or Savage to be Demi-God levels any more. Matador doesn’t hit hard enough and his group heal is outclassed by a healthy margin by other heroes. Poor Savage has been nerfed into the ground. Dogface should really be top tier as well. Huge burst DPS, plays on the back line , and not nearly as squishy as most other high DPS heroes.