Hero weapon adjustments

Anyone ever considered that Galante’s pea shooter does area damage from basic attacks while Salvatore’s GRENADE launcher dosent? I feel like it would only make sense that the grenade launcher does a bit of area damage from the start. Won’t exactly make him a great hero but it’s something.

Another weapon tweak I think should be a thing is flamethrowers for the pyros and new purifier. Instead of pyros sitting around until they can throw a moltov they should be able to use a flamethrower weapon that would work similarly to heaters silver ability except probably less damage and of course a fire animation instead of laser. Same with purifier he should have a flamethrower weapon. That would make these two more unique and exciting in my opinion.

I’ll pass the Salvatore feedback along to the team. Thanks!

Ooh Awesome! Got one of my ideas considered!