Heroes that need complete rework : based on players experiance

Alot of heroes after a certian time of playing the game are discarded and the players only stick with certian team that everyone is depending on
And especially when the player got 45+ heroes
Like for example
1- Oro
Who enjoy playing ORO or finding it usefull in the game.lol

his size makes him a training target and hardly played by me or by anyone in my alliance (increase his armor by double or triple or decrease his massvie eye catching non-avoidable extreamly big size)

3-castellan gold abaility that is good for nothing
And especially his turret is not that good
Castellan plat is great but his gold makes him plan c in any team
(atleast make the turret taunting like hiveminde drons)

And many many more
Post your opinion guys lets what modification needed to the heroes based on your experiance

Phoenix and Steele. With the introduction of great rezzers, Phoenix is so lackluster, it’s embarrassing. She’s simply not a good rezzer. Steele requires a massive def or jp boost since he is destroyed so fast consistently. And another would be Gammond, whose gold is practically useless.

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Did you play Phoenix since her July update? I think she went from a 2 to a 6 - often last character standing with top DPS.
I don’t know what a rezzer is though.


Neither do I !!!
Explain it RAZzzzzz

Someone who revives dead heroes. Rez=resurrection

Right. Her resurrect skill ain’t good but it’s better than before. Her DPS and health is great, her bronze skill can do MUCH damage since the update and her grenade was always kinda OK.