Heroes who are worth more power than they seem

I decided to post this thread to post powerful heroes with potential more than their number infers. This is to help beginners and also help me when Im trying to beat a level that puts my team number in the red zone.

  • Butter: he can shield himself and the team, often being able to win matches with 15% more power than you. Just be careful to have a healer like moss or flatline as support.
  • Flatline: technically she makes you hero worth 1.5 and can win a match out of nowhere because AI doesn’t prioritize her like actual players do. Combine her with other healers, and you’ve got a near unkillable team
  • Kobold: time and time again I have managed to use this guy to collapse her shields and fully heal a team near death, allowing me to win ridiculous matchups. AI doesn’t prioritize Kobold so she just survives lol
  • Mandrake: the gold is really good for survival and only the other player would be able to kill your hero while he is influenced. Be sure to control the key hero if you don’t want a smart guy aiming at your non moving hero
  • Bucket: similar to Kobold her shielding and healing are invaluable. Be sure to have a backup healer due to her bronze or another guy who can taunt so Bucket doesn’t die too fast
  • Dogface: He might be squishy but his burst damage is insane and he can kill a tank as fast as you can kill him. Support him using shields to let him unleash his epic bronze + silver combo.

Hmm nice choices, but Kobold and Bucket are women.

Yeah, their descriptions say that they are girls

If it were up to me, i’d add shanks. His damage definitely aint gonna win you a fight. What he’ll do is stun the opponent near-permanently. He needs more dexterity, but if you play him right he pays off. I once made a comeback from 2 vs 4 with him and his partner.

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dont understand how 13-14k is the “players” regein. most players are bots, so you have it easy