Strongest heroes of hunters

There are many heroes in this game but there are also some heroes that are stronger and over powered than others Like Richter,Panzer,Beck,Maven
ANY IDEAS of Strong like them

Beck is strong but to compensate she’s got almost no health.
Richter, is he strong? I never seen him in action.
Maven is totally balanced and very good.
Panzer is super strong for a few seconds but kinda mediocre in the upper scale one she starts reloading.

Odachi is my favourite ultra strong hero, he’ll kill any mech enemy in a few seconds but like Beck they gave him low health so he’s definitely not over powered despite having a strong DPS.

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oh yeah Odachi i well seen is action
Dog face is also one of them

Dogface is very strong without any real drawback - he’s a bit slow in reloading and charging his skills but overall he’s one of the best heroes in the game with his combination of strong attack and good health.

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Clyde kinda reminds me of Odachi with his crazy DPS

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Richter is pretty strong but in PvP the enemy team tends to target and take him out straight away, especially if they have a high damage biochem hero

Oracle. She can speed up the skill cool down and the more her bombardment hits, the faster that cools down. Not to mention that it does a lot of damage. If not dealt with quickly she can be good. And her plat shoots 3 random missiles at the start, making it easier to kill them or the one person.

My opinion of course.

Not really the strongest but I believe have the potential to be strong or interesting to play:

Sentry - That gold passive stun is just insane, 65%. And that sudden burst damage. Probably the perfect model for the “just right” toon in hero hunters.

Ghoul - fun to use, solid bronze and silver that’s fun to use. But a bit underrated since he’s a foil of maven. His interesting sniper position can be used strategically.

Chesterfield - Strong two shot damage. Interesting trap mechanics. Synergy with AOE, DOT toons. But outshined by Panzer for obvious autoshotgun dps reasons.

Kunoichi - Can be quite deadly if ignored.

Yan Long - I dont use him much but I once neglected a yanlong in pvp and his DIg in made him virtually unkillable. Granted Im playing at <20k then, but I also have a Mauler in my team whose DPS is almost negated by YL. Probably useless in higher tiers though.