Underrated heroes

This post may have been created before, but things can change, I’d like to ask all of you for a top 5 of heroes you find underrated, maybe the developers can look at it and decide if they want to change something, or maybe I can help you out, as if I have to be honest I love every hero and I can see there’s a meaning behind every hero, also explain why you think so, because that would help out a lot and maybe bring some ideas up

5: callidus. She’s a very effective tank, but you never see her used unless she’s one of the bonus heroes
4: anvil. He’s fun to use and renders all shielders worthless. Again, never used unless bonus.
3: bucket. She’s an effective tank but many have said she’s useless. But she can fire her bronze three times in a single clip. How is that useless?
2: fortress. He’s a tank and damage rolled into one, plus self healing. I have genuinely never seen him in pvp. Ever.
1: xianjiu. Everyone just says he’s a halloway knockoff. But he does pretty solid damage for a tank, and his plat is pretty useful when it works.

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Galante. His rocket barrage destroys people at 5 bar no contest, he never gets used but can wipe your team with one skill.


I actually agree, he I not as bad as he seems, good atack for multiple enemies, gets shield for it, it f he doesn’t get the job done in pvp he gets it in raids or campaign

I agree on all those in all ways, they are very effective at their jobs but they just don’t get SEEN that often, I honestly use anvil a lot as he really does great on lower pvp at 7 star plat, he shines there leaving everyone shieldless

Chesterfield. I know they have been reworked before in the past, but he is strong. the trap/flare (although take time to load and execute) ends up making them switch areas. so if you have further traps it works.

it used to be that the flare would do continuous damage while you were near it. now i know it just give him an increase in critical. him being my strongest hero, comes in handy at times

hmm well lets see…

  1. Godlante
  2. Godlante
  3. Godlante
  4. Godlante
  5. Lets throw in a little more Godlante ;).

Indeed, I find him extremely destructive once his traps are up, no escape possible, but I think he takes a bit long to lay them down, more bronze charge speed might be good or either his pellet shotgun back instead of his slug rounds

Haha, your the gods of lantes, their protected, all heil the espressomachine

I think Anvil is one of the only anti shield heroes available, but he tends to be sometimes ineffective against heavily shielded targets, like castellan. He can still deal heavy damage to shields and gain his own shield tho.

Bucket surprised me a lot. Initially I though she was just a taunter that kept dying, but after getting her to plat she deals a good amount of damage AND can disable all enemies for 3 seconds (extremely lethal with Galante if you time it correctly) while giving shields and healing. She also gets huge heals after taking a lot of damage and using a skill.

Yanlong, he is an absolute tank if he pulls off his silver skill enough times, giving him enough armor to surpass Cast while healing, his bronze skill was buffed so it arrives a lot faster and deals a lot of damage, but I think his shield penetration is one of his most useful skills, since it’s the only other anti shield skill available.

Also a combination of a plat Ifrit and Mauler, using ifrit’s silver skill will damage everyone with bio damage per second because of Mauler. Couple in Halo and you get damage almost equal to Siren per second to everyone.

And finally, let’s not forget Klayton, he’s underrated because he is ABSOLUTE TRASH and is a weakling who can barely graze his enemies. He just takes in a lot of damage if you spam his skills but does nothing if the AI controls him.

In no particular order:

Hardscope - He might be considered a mini-Dogface, but his damage and RPG do massive damage if he’s piloted right. Headshots from this guy can really exploit weakened heroes, and his drone gives subtle heals that cap off injured allies.

Kaishi - His squishyness makes him an avoidable hero, but he has one of the best kit layouts in the bio damage category. He cleanses himself frequently, is able to counter skills, and is optimized for 1v1 fights against mechs. Very handy against Shivs and Panzer.

Briar - Her balance of healing, damage, and self sustainability tend to be viewed as mediocre when compiled. Like Serial, however, her skills need to be used in the correct way to get the full potential out of her kit, which, if successful, can heal a ravaged team to full in a single second.

Vanguard - A Kurtz generic troop doesn’t seem to do much for teams, but he provides the heaviest shield to a single hero in the game, which is a very effective counter against focused enemy fire. His health and shield also help him stay active much longer than other comparable heroes.

Jarek - This guy is probably the best rolling-counter in a game. His skills revolve around complete domination of a single enemy player, which both stuns and lifts players in a brutal combination. In many ways, he’s the best response to Kurtz there is at the moment.


Also, vanguard charges faster with more allies, even more great for raids, or pvp, very nicely explained