Heronium Bolts! - A Bounty Gameplay Suggestion

I was playing bounty a couple weeks back during the Magistrates Character feature doing heavy damage with Alcatraz and thought “Damn. He is the weakest in the lineup and doing 80% of the Damage. I wish he was maxed out.” Then boom… the idea hit me.

Heronium bolts!

The silver bolts revive a bounty character for 3 more gos, Pretty cool.

But the Heronium bolts would max out the character stats for a go. Just unlocked a 4 star Warden? AND SHE’S STILL BRONZE!? My heart to you fellow plebian. But with this Heronium bolt you can fight as a maxed out Ruby that deals crushing defeat to their enemies.


So say you play a pvp tournament. You earn 5 heronium bolts. So when bounty starts you can revive a hero 5 times as high as your highest member. In terms of bars and stars?
Or maybe just 1 revive.
If your idea was to put them at ruby and maxed out and all it would be a bit too op. But definitely cool. I like this idea!

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I think it should be 1 OP revive and then back to cooler for them. It would be like 3 hearts in 1 when using the bolts.

Would be cool if you could revive with heronium and not giving any extra stats boost just wake them up from sleep haha

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