Idea for improving bounties

Since hearts regenerate 1 per hour, how about just give us 24hearts and the 3 we start with for each hero. Resets will still give 3 hearts. Will free up alot of time

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I absolutely like this Idea but I hope it won’t ruin the gameplay & want to hear from others - My vote is Neutral.

If you want to play less bounty just do it. You do not need to play every reset. There is no need to change the system.

Not a bad idea. Sure beats spending your entire weekend tuned into your bounty list. Of course, the draw back is that players who only play 10mins a day are now competing with you. Perhaps a 4th or 5th heart would alleviate that demand and maintain the balance between heavy and casual players.

NVM u guys r right need to be competitive. Shouldn’t change anything. Probably best to drop Mondays tho, which probably will never happen either lol

What about an offline Nerf & Online Bonus? Say for example the bounty hearts refil one :heart: Hour for people who are Online :arrow_up::calling: (has app open/playing & helping their team) & anyone that is offline :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :arrow_down: (has app closed) hearts regenerate :heartpulse::chart_with_downwards_trend:every 1.5/Hours?
As a player that’s played nearly a year now, I feel like we have to wait :hourglass_flowing_sand:& wait :hourglass:Coz your hearts run out :heartpulse: soo fast with these short bounty plays. Also if the time was like 10 sec longer I could happily :grinning: use my charge move one :point_up_2:t4: last time before the last few seconds cuts off my :person_fencing: attack, leaving my bounty with a sliver of life left & forces me to use a whole nother heart :broken_heart: to finish them.

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(or / also)

Increase Skill :chart_with_upwards_trend::battery:Charging Speed :fast_forward: to :two::negative_squared_cross_mark: or :three::negative_squared_cross_mark: faster (even though stun skills get trashed) :do_not_litter:
OR :men_wrestling: Fight Bounty in ONE area & :put_litter_in_its_place: trash the annoying transition :hourglass_flowing_sand::desktop_computer: screen & the bounty can just have two waves of henchmen.:running_man:t2::running_man:t2::running_man:t2::running_man:t2: So no more loading new :sunrise_over_mountains:landscape, just loading more enemies.


Are you serious? Your post just gave me cancer. Were some more emoticons to use? May do a third one to put them into…

Bounty is good as it is. 99% of the players do not want to play more and what you suggest will give players who are playing 24/3 a huge advantage.


So I just turn on the game and don’t play to get a bonus?

And what walle said, dude wtf is wrong with your keyboard?

I would like to see how many people are looking at a bounty. Also when picking your hero’s, I want to see how many are running the bounty. This way you’ll be less likely to have 3 people on a 3 mil damage bounty.

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