Please rebuff panzer and and the silly herioum

Every single time I play pvp someone has to use a gold panzer or a plantuim panzer and really it’s basically who ever kills panzer has an advantage and might be able to win and also every time I finish quests and I’m not greedy or anything but can you raise the gold from 30 to 40 or maybe 50 because sometimes it’s hard for me to finish these quests and I feel as if the reward is not enough(and no I am not greedy)and the herionum is hard because most players can’t get 10 star heroes unless you get a prophet or Artemis and keep evolving them but can you make as like for example the Gauntlet mode you should make one for herioum except instead of 3 levels make it 4 and keep it the same way and what I mean is as you progress and pass every mission like 1,2,3,4,5 the more herioum you get like 100 -400 or lower but yeah that’s pretty much I have to say and once again #imnotgreedy just wanting to help make this game a little better
Thanks for reading and give me your opinion:D

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Although punctuation can be tricky to learn, it is essential.


Panzer got overnerfed hard lol

Lol who gets their heronium from heroes you can’t farm? (arty & prophet).

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I don’t think you understand how heronium works mate, Artemis and prophet aren’t the way to go, unless you maybe want to spend thousands of Euro’s.

Dogface and PvP hero’s are way easier

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Lol I was tired and mad because panzer was the death of me

I tried I bought dogface parts and it doesn’t give me anything

Is your dogface, 10*?

No but that’s a lot of parts and I’m not wasting money

Overnerfed? No. She’s still an alpha pvp’r and still dominates the damage boards. I think the dev’s did a pretty decent job on her fix. Don’t get me started on the rest of the update. Even Trump fans started printing hats and t-shirts saying, “Make Moss Great Again.”

@TSM_Prophet, so you have no 10* hero’s but you have an issue with heronium?

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Day 1 when I started the game I got Prophet from a crate. Wow a 7*! Well he’s still a 7*, got 20 more fragments during the 3 months I’ve been playing.

Day 1 when I started paying I also got a Dogface. Meh, a 1*?! Well, he’s now my only 10* and my only heronium source.

Keep collecting ONLY Dogface fragments from the Gauntlet shop. Nothing else. Doesn’t cost you anything.


But why does it have to be 10 why not 5 to 7 maybe 8 because I have 7 star heroes but it takes literally forever to get parts and also my idea of the gauntlet shop and making a herouim mode is better because it people don’t have to keep getting parts and it can be a mission to be on the quests

@TSM_Prophet, after you maxed out a hero(10*) you gain heronium, that way you can collect fragments for every hero you want

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