Hey Deca, Ravager needs a Nerf!

So this issue might become a big deal. I’ve gone up against team that have a solid Defence. I’ve gone up against team with outstanding offense and synergy. But this is the first time, I’ve gone 5 v 1 with twice as much power and still lost. And not lost by the skin of my teeth. I mean, royally steamrolled over. There’s no way of winning. This has happened twice now. By the same player too.

So because the match was over in a matter of seconds, let me try and set the stage with what I understand. Normally seven star heroes don’t kill any of my heroes out right. Maybe the platinum 3 is helping but it still feels too fast. But in less than five seconds I had already lost two or three heroes. As seen in the graphs, one hero is dead before any damage can be done. Which seem odd given this is a 5 v 1. A second hero is not far behind the first, and a third not far behind the second.

In one fight I somehow managed to give Ravager fatal damage, indicated by the healing & shielding in the first graph. That, however triggered his second part of his Platinum skill and gave him invulnerability. God Mode for ten seconds.

So, now this character can’t be killed for ten seconds, all the while his gold skill is still in full effect.

So ten seconds at max damage to cut down the rest of my team with easier proficiency than was already being used.

Now, reading through the skills I’m not sure how this happened but I only had a half a second to catch it. That one time that I managed fatal damage on Ravager, it didn’t feel like ten seconds passed. Maybe it did as I was confused out of my mind. But at, what I assume was, the ten second timer, Ravager regained full health and a shield. I didn’t catch the health of the shield. I can see on the platinum skill that it can grant a shield and health. But surely, if they are invulnerable because of receiving lethal damage, then the health is below 40% and shouldn’t even activate that part of the skill.

Overall, this is something that shouldn’t be happening. Which make me wonder. My team shown above Isn’t the strongest but it also not a weak team. I feel I’m closer to the middle of the road in terms of power. Which now makes me question just how much higher of a power rating can this over powered Hero easily take on and defeat. Is he defeating platinum teams of his standing or higher? Is he beating ruby teams since he has ten seconds of god mode to abuse? And what if this was a ruby rank? Are the ruby players getting thrown around by some one exploiting this? Once again, this hero needs a nerf, bad.

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That’s more of the choice of players you using. He doesn’t need a nerf and do not suggest to make a hero useless. Learn to make your combo better and grind for new heroes.

Skill Issue.

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You know, you’re right. I’m bad. I knew I wasn’t great but maybe I’m worse than I thought. So I made a claim that Ravager is over powered and needs a nerf. Well, let me experiment. I’ve been on the receiving end twice, let’s put the shoe on the other foot and see what happens. Now, my challenge partner doesn’t have as many heroes to choose from but tried to make a decent team. And because it challenge, let’s set the tier to platinum. So now it’s a 1v5 with everybody on the same level. With the power discrepancy way more out of outweighed than my two encounters.

I said the exact same thing when he was released. I don’t think the devs see the problem, and if they do then they won’t fix it. He’s far too strong at lower levels, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some newer players left because of it and his overuse/abuse at these levels. Just because he’s not incredibly strong at ruby, doesn’t mean he’s a murder machine at lower levels for other players. Some players don’t seem to understand that argument. Biebs here is the perfect example of one of these players.

One single hero being able to kill entire, sometimes meta, teams all on his own against newer players who can’t get heroes that will protect their teams is not a skill issue. I still don’t understand how you can think that.

Depending on the heroes you get, this could be the best they can make, and it is by no means a bad team for a low account. Getting heroes is rng based. Should you just suffer with the heroes you have until you get the new shiny ones? I have a friend who took 2 1/2 years of playing to finally unlock Ursus. The same thing can happen to anyone with any hero, if the game wants to hate on you ofc.

Finally, tired of this horrible argument.

First off,
It was hothead that made heroes useless after nerfs, not DECA. Just look at stygia. Shes perfectly capable still and much more balanced than she was on introduction. Cant say the same for Beck or Panzer can we. Just because somebody says a hero should be nerfed, doesn’t mean you should assume they want a Beck/Panzer/4-Cep/Harbinger style nerf. Use that brain of yours.

Yes, some heroes need nerfs. This is the balance of life, and the game, and even many other games. Many games do it for many reasons, and most of the time it works and helps create a stable environment of gameplay with balance.
Buffing all the once adequate heroes to meet an ever growing standard doesn’t work when that standard is always rising is leaving the buffed heroes in the dust yet again. Nerfs are needed in games, and especially this one, they always will be. That’s just a fact.


Some things I would like the add to this thread:

Aside from these old Screenshots, these 3 exemplify the problem the best.

The first image shows what a match between us looked like in a normal setting. After this chance encounter happened, we messaged each other and used a setting to make her heroes strong and my ravager weaker. This changed nothing, even when I was on autoplay. And she’s a decently skilled player as well if I recall.

The fact that she still couldn’t beat my single hero with the best hero lineup has to offer in a setting that nerfed my capabilities should show just how broken Ravager really is.

Oh also this probably won’t happen again due to how strong the newer heroes at ruby are, but this was a funny match.
Even had their own Ravager…. That’s just how absurdly powerful he can be in the right hands…

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Also where in my original post did I even remotely say he needed to nerf until he’s useless? I’m of the opinion that he, and any over powered hero, need to be nerfed until they are fair. And the true is for the opposite. If a hero is useless, they need a buff until they are fair.

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Ravager is tough. No denying it. I was actually going to post a similar thread, not asking for nerf, but showing how different characters can solo vs 5 PvP matches. It started with Aurora and finding out how blazing fast she can pump out some friends and keep them alive without breaking pace.

As I was taking down multiple 1 v 5 matches I wondered if this is also how Ravager feels… which aligns with this original posting.

The problem, to back up the OP, is that Ravager brings the threat (and it’s a big one), and it’s up to the defending team to make sure they brought a solution. These situations often favour the aggressor by a fairly wide margin.

I’m pretty surprised that the Fiber matches went so poorly. Normally I would use her as a great example of an “answer” to Ravagers threat. Eruin is another solid answer, locking out Ravagers Bronze ability for the whole match. Raven’s life steal at 70% is so brutally effective at antidoting Ravager while he’s rampaging as well. Cast is another good example of low * heroes that might be put on to bodyguard against threats like Ravager.

The thing is, all these “solo” fighters have some super weaknesses. I was steamrolling fine until I met the wrong combo, which just made me look like an embarrassing mess.

I guess my overall contribution to this thread can be summed up by: threats suck to face, bring silence (or a similar clever trick).

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You forget i have a alt too and there i played pvp too and faced ravager tons of times and it was very very rare that i lost to him.

Stygia is useless now against new heroes. She is not balanced.
If you go on like this hero is over powered then you will indeed go on and asking a nerf for Altera, lwa so on. She is the most overpowered hero… Reflect 80% damage… Lwa healing is insane.

Nerf makes things bad for future.

Beck, Elite, Panzer etc got nerfed and who use them now…? None.
Verril used to a hero that you can see in every pvp match but now… Very rarely.

Even though they getting buff but still not good anough buffs to run in pvp.

Every single hero coming out is good and better than pervious one.

*Didn’t read everything you said but hope i answered most of your points.

Your opponent got a very bad team… Old heroes are not good enough to run in pvp and those he used just useless in short now…

That team is so useless that many new heroes can finish that in 1vs5… My words maybe harsh but this is reality . game is competitive. You need to be upto date every month and if you do not, you gonna complaint every season.

Also, to help further a point. If the older heroes suck and Ravager should only be measured against the newer heroes (which I disagree with), let’s dip into bounties. My Aurora has a x7 multiplier and Raijin has a x6. Ravager is just 1 to 1 damage.

And still pulls ahead of the curve at a pace nearly twice as fast than the two newest heroes. One of them being a midline DPS as well. And to reiterate, Raijin had a x6 damage multiplier. And still got passed in DPS by your stock standard Ravager.

Run bypsss against energy heroes… She will do more damage and faster damage in bounty even without bonus.

And in bounty, i am sure you controlled ravager manually and others heros on AI which is why such difference

Then I would assume you have quite the meta team(s) on it involving all the newer heroes huh? If that assumption is correct, then don’t forget not everyone has the privilege of getting every useful hero via crate pulls or wallets. If you got a decent meta team via ftp that’s capable of dealing with ravager, than goddamn your lucky. Most people aren’t in that case, and they shouldn’t have to suffer for it.

Useless? Oh you mean like 90% of the heroes in the game (even after they’re buffed too)? Useless against the exact heroes that need nerfs too huh… really proving my point for me, thx.
Even then, Stygia is still more capable than the vast majority of available heroes in the game, yet it seems she and all the other older heroes only struggle against the newer ones. I wonder why that is. Surely they’re not purposely made to be OP and stronger than the current roster, oh wait they are! [I wonder why I also still see her being used nowadays unlike Beck :))) ]

You’re right, and they do need nerfs. Glad we can agree that they’re OP as well :))).

Yet you fail to illustrate a future that is negatively impacted by nerfs. All you ever do is say dont nerf my heroes, ‘Because it bad’ yet later on you literally argue that buffs do nothing.
Or you’re other so called “argument” here:

As I said before: Use Your Brain. HH did those nerfs, not Deca, they’re separate entities that nerfed heroes differently. Stygia still gets used doesn’t she ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . Just because someone says “nerf” DOES NOT mean make the hero absolutely useless.

This is an issue defined by the gaming industry as Powercreep. Even when the older heroes are getting buffed, the newer heroes surpass the bar/standard that everyone is held too as it increases exponentially. This makes Deca’s buffs irrelevant, and makes an even greater cause for the nerf of newer heroes. Further proving my point.

You really should. If you’re going to make or defend arguments, it’s in your best interest to make sure you know what I’m saying and what I’ve said. I suggest you consider not skimming over and skipping something when it’s just too “TLDR” for you.

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So you mean Newer generation should not be more powerful than the previous generation.

Even in real life, things change… How we doing things 100 years ago not doing the same way. Doing with better and powerful machines or aren’t we…

What i meant buff heroes aren’t good enough to stand a chance against meta heroes is because they are not getting enough buff that they should get to stand a chance against meta heroes.

I didn’t spend a singe penny buying any offer for tokens… I just grind gold in pvp and use that in ethereal solo raid to buy ethereal fragments.

I didn’t agree with you on doing any hero nerf.

Where i do play pvp with my main, there you can see stygia very rarely ( even on my alt ).

All you say sounds more like you are a anti meta, lol… And you know anti meta players can only show off their account and scream for nerf rather they go upgrading their meta heores.

Bud, Strongers rule over weakers.
Game without a strong competition is no fun to me.

I didn’t say Deca nerfed beck, elite and all… I pointed out that only.

If weak heroes come out, who will continue playing this game?.. Only anti meta but how long?
Game was on a hold for so long with 250k top5 and coming up with good heroes rarely… Now finally they are doing very good and very update coming out very good with each and every hero. Game is doing good for majority except anti meta players.

Not gonna read my own comment what i wrote again so if there is grammatical mistake, avoid it, lol … And i have now put my point so i rest my case, your honour :joy:

Ravager does not need a nerf. This is an issue with matchmaking. 1 plat/ruby will typically dominate 5 gold/plat. If there was a bigger punishment for the 1 character toon, then you’d see less of these types of shenanigans.


I think the match making is the problem… Not the heroes…

It’s just like the min-maxing problem…

What if we do the test for 1 Ravager, let say with 7 stars and plat+5, against 5 heroes with the same 7* and plat 5 too… Same for every heroes, same skill level, skin level, etc…
Pick a nice combo for these 5, not just a random 5 heroes… Because in nowadays PvP, it’s always about how to pick the best meta to counter others meta, right?

And then see the result… If Ravager still win, then he’s OP for sure…


Yes. All heroes should be just as capable as each other, none should just be outright superior because of their element or star count or being a new shiny hero.

By this you mean what? How does this translate to the state of a virtual combat mode in a mobile game? Why should this mean different heroes should be stronger and the game should have imbalance?

Or perhaps it’s because their buffs are just becoming obsolete rather quickly after they are implemented…
Yes I agree, some update buffs aren’t as strong as they should be, but that’s not all of the problem in regards to this.

Funny. I mentioned how obtaining the newer heroes is rng, and you just say that you upgrade them and obtain them from grinding pvp.
Please don’t tell me you’re so blind that you don’t realize the problem. You can’t grind pvp if you don’t have those heroes to begin with, or someone could come along with a ravager and ruin your parade. This is the problem, and one many players are struggling with right now.

You never have, and I’m pretty sure you never will. You made this stance clear from the start. So why are you reiterating this?

Further proving my previously mentioned points I see.

There’s nothing wrong with upgrading the heroes you like and enjoy, but I don’t think a majority of the available heroes in this game should be useless and just trophy heroes/displays in practice. And sure players who are having fun can show off their accounts, but we shouldn’t be forced to upgrade heroes we don’t like just for the sake of having a chance of winning at all. This argument of yours is ridiculous.

Well if you want competition, why not make all heroes equally strong? You want a challenge?, that would be one. You’ve have to be much more skilled and knowledgeable in being able to take down team combos comprised of 150+ possible heroes rather than the same boring 20 everytime.
But I guess you like having no challenges and grinding pvp easily daily, and don’t want that to change, or to ever possibly, god forbid, loose a hero to a bot team like way back when.
Strong ruling over the weak is a fact of life I’m well aware of, everyone with a functioning braincell can comprehend that basic idea.

You implied that a nerf ruins a hero entirely and gave examples of Hothead nerfs, but thats not the case with Deca’s way of rebalancing which is much different. A nerf nowadays is much different than a nerf from back then.

If there’s no “strong” heroes, and all have comparable capabilities, are there really any weak heroes anymore?
However you are on to a point which you may not have realized.
Deca’s way of marketing a strong op hero sells. They want the money so the game will stay in this state until its eventual and nearing end. Although they’re making money now from the “op hero” spam, the longevity of the game is shorter, and player retention seems to have continued to drop more still. More and more players are leaving because they don’t want to have to pay to stay relevant, and this will keep happening until deca can’t support the game anymore. But in the meantime, the game will be unbalanced, and meta will reign supreme. Sad reality of the state the game was meant to eventually fall into.

Power isn’t exactly relevant to this thread, and is a bit off topic. Power does not in any way reflect the combat capabilities of a hero in the game. Mk.2 is a prime example. Lots of power, completely useless…
“Very good and very update” indeed, each one is update of all time, lmfao
The updates are lacking and dry, same thing each time (as always) and nothing new in the foreseeable future.
And yep, can’t deny meta treating meta players well. But is the game doing well? Not really

You really should take more time for these things then, rather than mashing poorly edited arguments together and slapping them into a reply on the forums. Take more time for your words and revise them, or else you can’t relay your thought as clearly and I can’t understand them well, as is happening in some of your “points”.

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OP ravager​:joy::joy::joy:

Oh wow, one single screenshot of a ravager in a coop team who likely had him on auto,
This changes everything!

Biebs has already said that he has faced ravager countless times and yet lost only a few of the matches but he only has one screenshot to prove it (I also relate to this but I’m not here to side with anyone). If you accomplish something that others may find as rarely done and/or impressive, you will instinctively think of that feat as a great accomplishment and so you’ll try to save that moment in some way so you could look back to it later on. But if that impressive feat starts to happen on a regular/normal basis it’ll start just normal. And you usually don’t save these stuff as you already face them on a normal basis. I, too, at first took a few screenshots when I beat ravager in a game. But when I started to beat him almost everytime, even if he’s the strongest hero in the whole match, I stopped taking screenshots because it just seemed normal to beat him. I’m not gonna go into how my team composition and luck in getting good heroes for my roster played a role in beating ravager in almost every game but I’m just here to give a heads up on human psychology behind the feeling after accomplishing great feats