I am truly grateful for this one thing that happened in the August patch!

I just wanted to sound out that I am truly happy about this one thing about the August patch - the fact that Quick Win tickets are no longer dropping from PVP crates.

There are also other smaller positives about the August update for me (but for me, they are not on the same level as QW ticket removal!):

(1) Crate confirmation buttons - especially for gold crate

(2) PVP crates have overall better items now (but I need to caveat that I feel that Hero XP HAS to be removed from PVP crates and also PVP gem income has seen a drastic fall-off)

(3) Maven and Flatline added to Gauntlet Store

I contemplated also including the fact that matches are no longer “kill or be killed in 30 seconds”. But for me, I cannot endorse this because I think the health and healing thing went too far because now they are too long on the opposite end of the scale where it is possible that no one dies (thereby wasting a whole lot of time for nothing).

Of course there are alot more things to be adjusted and hopefully fixed in the September update and I hope that more good things come out. All those things have already been covered and discussed passionately on this forum and we are already informed by HHG that they have read all our feedback.

If that is the case, then also let HHG read this post - and I just wanted to sound a little more positive today and give them some encouragement to lead the game in a direction which would appeal to players of every segment.

So HHG… kindly roll out all the good stuff that we have asked for in September… and while you’re at it, please don’t break the game ok :slight_smile:



Yup. I’m sitting on nearly 6k quick win tickets and it will be sometime before I finish them

Don’t want to brag or anything, but I got 11k of win tickets and… nothing to get rid of them!:smile:
I have a ticket overdose. Halp!