High frame rate

I think many players would like to see the high frame rate function in the game as in forged fantasy.What do you say our dear developers?

I would like a toilet made of solid gold.


I prefer it is my dump made of solid gold. :smile:

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your toilet is not interesting to anyone like your dreams :slight_smile: I want our game to develop and bring players to an even better and better gaming experience

Putting a smiley after an insult doesn’t make it less insulting. And I think the frame rate is fine as it is.


Are you saying that a toilet made of 9999 fine gold isn’t interesting? And as for my dreams…id much, much rather have a toilet worth 10+ million dollars than a game that runs at a high frame rate.

Yeah a solid gold toilet is worth alot more than a high framerate game

dude, you are not talking to the point, it would be better to support my idea, so that later our dear developers will realize it all and it would be more comfortable for us to play

no insults, just facts. Yes, the frame rate is fine at the moment, but why would there be this feature in forged fantasy, not transfer it to hero hunters? Should there be variation,right?

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