Higher than platinum

I understand Platinum is the highest right now but, maybe a “special” hero could be “Diamond”?

Anyways… Let’s go with Giovanni… Yeah, Giovanni is the “Diamond” Hero Hunter who is like John Connor from terminator, er, uhm, Sam Worthington Terminator Salvation… Kind of like most characters in the game. You know half cyborg half human. Instead, Giovanni, is from a Dark part of the universe that had been kept in a space pod during the war… I guess the “Kurtz” take over… Earning Giovanni would be like getting the Messiah of Hero Hunters.

Giovanni doesn’t go through the levels, Bronze, Silver…etc .
He’s Diamond and maxxed out.
Could it be a special campaign level to earn him?
An Alliance grind in PvP?
Solo or Coop Raid?

10 or first 15 star Hero
3 specials

  • Tracking grenades that depletes opponents health to 0 no matter the armour
    *Leaps to opponent with his semi automatic shotgun that doesn’t need reloading and unloads targeted opponent till depletion of health and armour
    *Sacrifice- defeats opponents team while resurrecting and giving full health to team

Damn that almost sounds unfair to have Giovanni…
Let’s put a catch… Earning Giovanni would be awesome but once Sacrifice is used… Giovanni can’t be used in PvP Raids or Gauntlets for a duration…
By the way Giovanni is basically God like so, he’d have to be White…like hair attire weapon etc… But doesn’t have to be as tall as Hivemind nor as short as Ghoul… Also in PvP, his back is turned to the opponent.

Let’s get Deadpool in this!!!
I know I’m way out there but it’s just an idea
plus if my idea takes I’m going to need some perks for in-game account…Feel Me!!!


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I think they’re planning for the next step in promotion now since it became sooo easy to promote to Platinum since the update.
I hope the next stage of promotion is either CAT or PIZZA.