Holiday events impossible for new players

If you are a new player and below around level 60, you’re excluded from the holiday event Avatar. My account is about 35 days old, level 54, and my best team is 30k. Yes I e put a bit of cash into the game. The Shamrock Wave 50 is completely out of reach for me and all those weaker than me, but too easy for others. The last boss fight rolls me no matter what combo I do. Why are the events not comparable to the players level? The events should be challenging— not impossible and not one shot easy.


I think it is achievable. You only got to work on 5 characters and at your stage it could be done in less time since making progress is lot easier for newbies. I am slowed down now since most my guys will take time to reach next star and plat gear are lot harder. You can increase your team power now lot faster than I am able to since you have big room for improvement. I got players in my alliance at level 64 who got portrait even before me, without hiccups.

If you should know, Dec had first Min Simulator where team power was progressive. I had team power of 44k back then and faced 54k TP level in wave 50. I could defeat it with challenge (took me almost 4-5hrs with lot of breaks and upgrades)

There aren’t many things that are really going to challenge you in game in long run. Have fun and if you put effort - you get some bragging rights. What’s point in having something if everyone has it? :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s not entirely true. I’m already at level 75 and i still can’t breeze through it

They aren’t supposed to breeze through. There has to be challenge. It would be similar to like ‘if you played game at that time, you have that portrait’.

My advice to players for such event would be focus on 5 characters - these event don’t have character restrictions or element bonus so use that and prepare a formidable and balanced team. I realised this back in Min Simulator event when I was trying multiple teams but only players which cleared were ones who made good in one team. This is team I used, it isn’t best one but the one I could manage then:

I see a problem with your team. Nightingale.
You should try and get Kobold or Heimlock in your team since after numerous nerfs, you wouldn’t believe how weak the heal is.
Great job getting Clyde up there.

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It is the team I used to defeat December’s Simulator. I was level 67 back then and grew little bit stronger since then :slight_smile:

My only intention was for new players to see it as something they can do if they put themselves into it. If there is an event in future just like this, remember that you can do it, just apply yourselves to one goal. It isn’t end all if you don’t get portrait but it gives a satisfaction of achieving something.

BTW I still prefer Night, I used her Mark skill to target guys down before going manual on Gorgan. I don’t remember if her heals were nerfed back then but I had more of problem of running out of time.

Thanks anyway :laughing:

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