Hosting pvp fight how it works ?!

I wanna know how work the hosting of the game in pvp and the research of oponement ? if there is a limited location region country or distance or its an open worldwide pvp like I am in england and I could fight an australian guy or only in europe and if its worldwide open fight how work the hosting of a fight beetween two country that have long distance ?!

It’s worldwide.
You’re matched against a random dude with similar or kinda similar power as you. He can be in USA, Canada, Afrika or anywhere else.

so how hothead could guarantee a good latency when the connection has the half of the planet to travel ?!
maybe my knowledge is low but even if u have fiber atm is possible that a french guy could fight a chinese with decently ping ?

nothing to say or answer ?! about the random location and ping ?!

You can be matched with anyone around the world, but the connection will suffer. Nothing we can do about it.

may be not playing all around the world ??!!

That would be unfair. The lag / latency isn’t a problem in Hero Hunters.

are you sure of what u say ?! the latency isnt a probleme ?? seriously !!!
how u could say this ?!
latency is important in that kind of game … to avoid some attack to make combo if there is 2 sec or 3 sec delay u couldnt do this … u just try semi auto and watch …
and I dont think I am the only one to not like that …
latency isnt a problem … I really dont know how u could say this

Agreed, the servers/connections in this game are garbage, and it’s the main reason I dislike playing PVP.

It’s my experience.
I don’t experience latency or lagging. Restart your router. Chill your tone.

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its not new, we all had and have problem with network connection in PvP, after all this time still get Network issue icon even when PvP is working fine.

exactly what I got and it give me so anger that hothead really dont care about that they just send u on technical support that have no true answer. they just say their protocol answer that show is the player fault so I m working on video that I gonna put on youtube to show how hothead server sux and randomly give good or bad latency to show its often not the player problem but something wrong with hothead who completly ignore that …

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Add up the fact that sometimes after matchmaking pvp doesn’t boot up. And after awhile result in my inbox (lost mostly). I don’t know if it’s just me or the others faces this issue as well. But I’m pretty sure of two thing:
First, my network connection is solid.
Second, I’ve never had this on anyother online games in any platform.


3/10 matches I face this problem and yes, I receive my L result afterwards.

Same here, But still some blind people here saying there is nothing wrong with HHG servers.

The problems with HHG servers and PvP system in Hero Hunter’s are understandable. But these blind people? SMH

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