Pvp tournaments

I feel like pvp in general is ok but it almost feels like when a tourney starts it gets crazy unfair on either side I can literally win 15 in a row or lose 30 in a row sometimes with teams I’ll have 5 k more power with an obvious winner when I look at opponent yet goodnight I once shot flatline in the face on manual play mind u so I know I didn’t miss. With dog fully loaded she had no health left nor shield. Just ate every bullet which was obviously not a thing that happens very often. Point bein it almost seems like computer decides whether u win not on how well I put a team together or how well u match up. Hope they fix that. I get sooo mad and discouraged during pvp nowadays I just hurry up get to div 1 for a reward and stop tryin. Anyone else feel me on this??


It most definitely feels like the winner is predetermined. Same teams and outcomes will be total obliteration and flip flop without any changes. Then there are times where you can Have the upper hand I. Today, Panzer, Dogface, and Mandrake all at full health lost to a single Nightingale who had half health and her health wouldn’t drop. This type of thing happens often. This is obviously the most clear impossibility happening to illustrate this nonsense. Point being, you’re right, PvP seems to be predetermined.

What do you mean with predetermined?

Take in mind that lag might cause problems

It’s hard to explain. Basically, there are teams that we all come across that should most definitely defeat us or be defeated by us and the extremely improbable to nigh impossible happens and the team that should’ve lost wins. It’s not just a hard fought win, but a total annihilation within 5secs of making chicken start, or refer to the above mentioned example. Under what scenario to include lag situations could a full hp Panzer, Dogface, and Mandrake ever lose to a Nightingale with only half health? Hell even full hp Nightingale couldn’t beat that. Ntm even with lag issues the other two heroes are fully functional and focused on a sole target. Panzer or Dogface 1vs1 would crush Nightingale anytime. This is where the idea of predetermined outcomes derives for me, using this as the most obvious example.

i found changing teams or just waiting for an hour or 2 solves the problem
but with a win streak, you have to keep playing to make sure the streak doesnt fail

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Happens to me too. I noticed the servers are crap from around 2am - 8am PST. PvP lags out & you either win or lose without playing. It even gets stuck at starting screen. Doesn’t just happen to me, but other players as well. I think the servers are adjusted to handle different regions during certain times & me being on PST playing at 4am, I will lose most of my matches, while if I play around 8pm, I will win most of my matches. In the last PvP Brawl, I made it to rank 7, then dropped all the way down to 1000+, then the next morning from 9-10am I had to grind to make it back up to rank 98 before the event was over.