How about a new reward tier

Please figure out a way to rewards alliances between 26-100 differently. It is much harder to end in 26th place than 100th. How about more like 76-100, 51-75, and 26-50. Please, it would be more fair to those guilds working hard to place best.

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For what event or type of event are you referring. As they some times differ.

From memory as an example;

  • the upcoming brawl is 1st, then 2-50, then 51-100, then 101-250 (I think) … and so on.
  • typical PvP tournaments are 1st, then 2-10, then 11-100, then 101-250 … and so on.
  • for bounty its 1st, then 2-5, then 6-25, then 26-50, then 51-100 … and so on.

So it varies depending on the event.

  • Vestige

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