Alliance Events and Events in General

I was wondering is anyone else in the more competitive alliances starting to feel really burnt out? Dont get me wrong I love content but we need more then 1 day in 14 to refresh and work on older heroes to upgrade.


Same an event for three times a week would be just fine for me

You don´t have to participate in an event if you are tiered of it.

But I know what you mean. The PvP Events 5 days a week and the koop raid events are tiering, because they consume so much time.

That’s really not a option when ur in a top 5 alliance

Bounty is my biggest burnout tbh

What good is the rewards for placing HIGH aka. better than top 200, ain’t worth it - so just don’t do it. Why burn yourself out for a few fragments extra when you can chill through the event like we do, just claim all milestones and care for top 200 only?

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These PvP tournaments aren’t the problem imo, it’s easy enough to score top 5000 with 0 effort, problem is that if you want a decent alliance where people participate in these small events and do good damage in the bounty you can’t just say stop doing stuff we want less rewards.

It will break an alliance, people move to a top 10, only to get a burnout like @Aladem said, it’s a lot of work without any real game changing rewards.

I didn’t have time last bounty and barely hit 650 million and it was great, but still others do 1.8 billion so doing this every time isn’t fair towards the others

My alliance just made top 25 this past bounty (14th?). I rather enjoy it, but generally only for the first 2 days. After that, the standings are pretty much set where they will be at the end. The only reason I see 3 days being ok, is that it seems likely to me that at least a few people (maybe big contributors) will be busy at least 1 of those days. So lets more people actually get in on it. It just forces top tier alliance to play longer.

We don’t really care about pvp to much. While the alliance ranking higher is cool, there are no rewards for it. The only time PvP matters, to us, is if it is tied to an alliance Event. Even then, not all characters give points, so not all need to be used.

That PvP reason, is basically the same for anything else in game. If it doesn’t effect entire alliance, do as little as you want. And let us know if you are busy and might not contribute as much as you could.