Alliance rank in Bounties

Change ranking position from Damage done to coins earned.

Damage done really doesn’t mean anything when you look at bounties. More so if they escape as they hadn’t finishdd them off.

I feel that coins earned would be better either from helping take down strong heros of finishing off weak targets. As after all that is how the alliance is ranked

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How are the coins earned gonna be calculated if 5 players beat on the same target and they all deal different amounts of damage?
The damage score is there so you can see who is a lazy ass and needs to be replaced. Make sure the alliance understands that KILLS matter for the alliance ranking. If they’re too stupid to get it, replace them.


I barely finish off bounties because I either over kill or my a, b and c team or out of energy and my z team only deals 100k

If 4 players hit and reward say 100 then each get 25 coins or 1 player does 50% damage he gets 50 coins rest is split between hitters

At the end of the day where you finish in rank with alliance is the taking part that matters.more to the overall alliance position

So what happens when two people attack a bounty, one does 99% of the damage and the other does the remaining 1%. Do they still split the coins 50/50? I could just see this becoming a problem with people only waiting to do the last hit instead of starting off a bounty.

Lillypawz basically covered it. Your award is based on the amount of damage done. You do 60% of the bounty damage, you are credited for that percentage of the coins as a reward. I’m just not sure that there would be any real difference. Some people will still run around taking a big bite out of each apple and leaving it for others to finish. Both hitters and finishers are necessary, but finishing holds less glory given the current system.

I would rather see stats; number of bounties attacked, number of bounties finished, killing blow, damage done, number of actual attacks (to cover multiple hits on a single bounty), highest damage raid on a single bounty, number of attacks on bounty by bounty level (who’s shooting high and who’s bottom feeding). These metrics would allow for a better measurement of event participation, especially in Alliances with big power spreads between players.

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You covered this perfectly, the last damage is needed and useful, but sharing it like op said isn’t right, your comment takes everything into place. This feature would be appreciated!!!

Current system shows how much damage players do to bounties. But that in itself is meaningless, it adds nothing to the Alliance ranking or adds the the milestone marker. Using percentages or something else for coins earned does, if a Bounty has 11mil hp and I take 10mil hp off it I’d have to hit again to get coins. If this a bonus hero thats 1 major less hit I can do again on new bounty, If a alliance member lower level finishes him off that improves the alliance rank allows me to hit a large taget. Bounties are an alliance event and Other than I did more damage than hou current ranking system doesn’t mean anything both hitter and finishers work as team to earn the coins that does. Coins are how Bounties are run and think that should be how Alliance within rank should count as that is what matters more. Or as above Number of attacks etc. Etc some sort of stat page to help monitor involvement.

Right, but they are saying some people forgo damage just to finish off a target. For example a 100 coin target with 24m hp. If someone does 20m and there is only 4m left on the bounty, someone has to pick up that slack. Sometimes that means “wasting” damage. If I have to use my top team because the recommended power level is 50k for that bounty and I usually do 20m~ damage, that means I lost out on 16m damage I could do just to finish the 4m off. Either way it’s showing I contributed less coins and less damage despite my contribution being very important because it’s what let us get the coins in the end.

I agree with Exarch in that we just need a lot more stats. Number of bounties, coins earned, damage done, targets killed, etc. This would give us a much bigger picture of who is doing what.

I am not sure this will really help.

By giving a percentage of the coins based on the damage done to the bounty, all you are doing is replacing one number with another (much smaller) number.

For example: if you have someone in the alliance at the top with say 5billion damage, that same person will still be at the top with say 30k coins.

Not really achieving anything other than making it a smaller number.

The concept of additional stats, is interesting and would be nice to see. But again, still wont change anything. You will just see them with more attacks.

Some alliances do adopt a policy of “If you start a bounty, you are responsible for that bounty being finished”. Obviously with an option to call out for help if you run out of guys to throw at it.

Alternatively something akin to a buddy system. You run in pairs of hitters and cleaners.

Just my 2cents worth.

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Exarch hit it pretty well on the head, in the second paragraph.

My problem even with the damage amount shown is:

  • 2 or more people attack a bounty as soon as it gotten, all do say 20 mil but it only has 34mil life. We see this a lot at the start of a bounty weekend, especially on the bonus ones.

  • I think it needs to show you not who is fighting the bounty, b ut who is actually in the character select or maybe even looking at it.

  • Maybe only let 1 person fight at a time (bigger deal on wasting goes, on special bounties). Also making it so for the first 3 minutes, only the person who found/bought the bounty can enter. Not sure how many times I was second into a bounty after getting it, and even clicking to fight it from that screen.


Ok for extreme example…

Atm Player hits a target takes 20mil health off a 21mil Bounty but as the player want to top alliance list leaves the bounty to escape he does this for all his targets and get 3 billion total damage…He ranks 1st in alliance.
Yet he earned 0 coins and therefor didn’t help gain alliance rank position or milestone.

Another player hits for total of 50mil yet earns 100 coin he has helped the alliance gain rank position and helped to gain milestone yet finishes last in his alliance …

That is why Damage I feel needs to be changed Coins earn split them, award both hitter and finisher the total 230 each for the bounty etc doesn’t matter but it a team event and it needs to be ranked as such…

I hit a Bounty almost kill it 250 cions i hit again to kill using yet another bonus char great won alliance 250 coin… usex 2 bonus hits hit 99 and kill won 349 coins.

Now i team up with an alliance member i almost kill 250 he finishes we do that 3 times now earnex 750 coins we both hit once so if it solit by damage i get ww5 he get 25 fair? We both used one energy and only difference us is i played game longer. Id rather clean 50/50 split or award both 250 for alliance position.

Would be nice to have multiple stats thou damage done, number of attacks, coins earned ed etc

Agree. Easiest and without breaking performance would be to add an additional stat screen so players and officers can see how they performed.

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