How do affiliation bonuses work?

For example; do you get a boost in stats if you use all Patriots or UAF? Do you have to use all of the same heroes or just 2 from the same group? Also, do you get stat bonuses for using all of the same type like Mech or Bio?

For what? Bounty? War?
Because using everyone in the same faction does nothing in any mode

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I was talking about normal modes like Campaign, PVP, and Gauntlet.

Nope, only bonuses are those when heroes work good together like kuno and odachi, shank and shivs and various heroes with halo.
Or if they add bonuses for raids for selected factions during the month

Ok, no bonuses except in bounty or actual combos… I guess it was my imagination that it felt like I got a Faction bonus for using all team members in PVP. Thanks.