An official HH guide

Thinking of making a proper guide to the game, as we get a lot of questions on the discord server asking about basic things, over time I have found there is no actual place to point people to find information on the game and it’s features that not everyone may be aware of. I am making this post to see if there is interest (like this post if there is) and what things you guys would want to see in an official guide. We have a range of small and large players on here and everyone at different levels of knowledge on what’s the best way to play and grow. I have started the list below, please write what additional could be included.

  1. Normal and Hard missions
  2. Different upgrades (green, bronze, silver…)
  3. The different stores
  4. PVP, Different PVP events, What are useful/ meta heroes
  5. Skills
  6. How to get to 10*
  7. Heronium
  8. Quickest way to grow with/ without heronium
  9. War/ Bounty/ Min Sim/ Events
  10. How to use the forums (patch notes/ new heroes)
  11. What are the different crates/ which are useful
  12. Skins
  13. Different hero factions/ faction events
  14. Raids (coop and solo, including special frag raids)
  15. Daily quests/ 150 free energy from ads
  16. VIP levels, which are best level to reach/ how much it will cost.
  17. Alliances
  18. How to unlock heroes
  19. Hero guides (upgrade paths)
  20. Cash & Gold
  21. Gauntlet

Please note these are not in order, just some I could think of. Please add which else you think would be relevant/ helpful for newcomers and older players alike. Again, emphasis on building a location for everyone no matter what skill level to go to and find knowledge on the game.


If this helps you at all I have one I had made since day one.


Will be very helpful when it comes to making the hero guide section for sure! Presuming this has no mistakes in it :wink: but will cross check it with Killer’s one too when I get around to making this guide. Lots of raw data that will be very useful as well, will try and incorporate it all.

Really a great idea buddy . When I first started the game it was very difficult for me to find information. Not much information available on YouTube as well. Then I discovered this forum and it helped me greatly to understand a lot of things about the game. With the large number of heroes available in the game , it is really tough at the beginning to understand about the heroes skills and usability in PVP. Even the Mechanical - Energy and Bio- chem triangle was new for me and learned about it a little late in the game .

The guide would be really helpful for newcomers. Thanks for your efforts buddy.

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Here’s another guide, this is the one I made a few months ago. Feel free to take from it and add to yours if you need to.

@II_BloodFest_II Dude, yours is awesomeeeee! Thank you for sharing.

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No mistakes that I’m aware of

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That would be a great idea! When I started all i had to rely on was YouTube bids and the forum, and it took me a while to understand the game completely. Also you could include status effects and what they do, and explain the statistics of a hero and their weapon (eg armor, health, elemental effects, elemental armor and what they all do).


Unless the devs make the guide themselves or give it an actual stamp of approval this wouldn’t be an “official” guide.

A unified guide or master guide, but still an unofficial one. /semantics


I’ve talked with Skathi and she says it can’t be an official guide but I would like to get the devs on board with the guide to see if there’s anything outright wrong or could be added. We waste enough of their time on Discord so hopefully I can waste it in a more useful way with this haha.

But regardless the guide has been started and will be opened up to the other mods to co-write with me, hopefully will be super detailed and approved by the devs :slight_smile: no guarantee on that however!

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