Heroes to get for new players in stores and hard campaign mode

As a new player, who should I aim to get in PVP/Gaunlet/alliance store/black market? Also, should I try to get all the fragments from hard mode? Who should i prioritize given a limited amount of energy? Currently, im trying to get nightingale and matador as they are the only two healer i have

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Starting our can be tough if you’re new to the game, I would suggest focusing on a few heros you can do the hard missions for so Ryker and Nightingale are good options as they will always be in missions. Cross, beck and dogface and matador are also other good options by missions change every update, I would focus on getting as many heros unlocked as you can in the meantime. Stores reset and show random frags every day so not really a way of farming from a new account, for now hard missions are the way to go unless you are going to hard grind pvp stores to upgrade which is another option for quicker powering up but tedious.

Potentially also look at powering up and adding stars to the daily heros where possible so surge, maven, cinder and matador as this will be more useful down the line but as a new player I’d take the above advice and work on the early sector hard missions and keep farming those frags from the hard missions :slight_smile:

what do you mean by daily heroes?

This would be frags for completing your daily quests so completing 3 pvp games gets you 3 matador frags or completing 3 solo raids or 3 gauntlet levels also give you frags for maven and surge. If you complete 13/13 of your daily quests you get 5 cinder frags and 30 gold. Dailies always refer to the daily missions that give you rewards either frags, xp or cash

I always recommend people to focus on the featured hero in the gauntlet store every time. Also make sure you compete in every PVP event. Try to at least make the level to get fragments. PVP is also a huge help in getting fragments just from earning crystals.

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But the big question is that “is Min actually decent?” I have experience and really, being an ass is her specialty. Better spend on PvP stores where Moss and Bolt are better choices.

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That’s not completely true about Min. Min maybe below average in pvp, but she is very useful in pve defense-wise. She actually helped me complete the whole campaign mode. (including hard ones of course) One thing that makes Min special is her plat shielding, which is VERY handy for countering enemies’ strong skills and gives plenty of time to my team to survive and heal under her 100k shields.

Just because she is bad in pvp does not mean she is overall useless.


I would say early on its better to unlock as many heroes as possible. Once you have at least 20-30 heroes or are able to make significant progress in guauntlet youll want to shift your focus to powering up your top 10.

Nightingale, Dogface and butter are really good early on and stay useful for a long time.

Dont worry too much about campaign progression, make sure you can complete gauntlets reliably and do decently well in pvp. Focusing on pvp tournaments and at least getting the minimum rewards is the most time efficient activities. Dont bother going for top 100 until youre super powered up, its not worth the time.

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Gold+ mandrake is an all-round great hero for PvP, cinder comes as daily quest fragments, easy to farm, matador, surge same as well, dogface has great damage.
If you’re just aiming for heroes go for the featured heroes in the stores, they all used to be fixed but now its harder to farm with the stores

i recommend Mats,Cinder,Heimlock and Kuno

Get as many heroes as you can , so you can get further in gauntlet. With my main account I worked on whoever had the red dot on the top and was closer to the start of the lineup. I haven’t completed the missions. But I have all the heroes except the guys that are worth 585 fragments. And I’ve been playing for a year. :slight_smile:

Wow. Me too. Apart from the new hero i got nearly everyone

are the fragments from all 3 stores all random i.e. any hero can be available for each refresh?

Every month there will be a pinned hero in PVP and Gauntlet stores, the alliance store is completly random. The pinned heros have a timer above the frag that says how many days left until it changes. The rest of the store is completly random

I just want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to help out the new guy and answer his questions. It’s great to see that


no prob. Glad to be of help

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I don’t necessarily see Min as “useless” but me using her resulting in many, many defeats. So in my defense, I’m talking on my point of view. And yes, heroes who suck at PvP doesn’t mean overall useless in the game. Example: Brogan. He’s decent in PvE with mass buffs but unreliable in PvP. Halloway and Hivemind are somewhat “forgotten” but they are very deadly combined with Ronin (not in PvP since it takes too long to get the drones and clones out)