The new gorgon wakes crate

just wondering but does everyone get grenades 90% of the time on the new gorgon wakes crate? it’s suppose to be half the time, but everyday i open 4 crates and it’s always either 4 grenades or 3 grenade drops and one of the other options. i keep checking the chances and it says 50% of the time i should get something besides grenades. it’s like flipping a coin 50x and it landing on heads on 45 of those flips, the statistics for that to happen is very very rare. so either i’m an outlier in this scenario or other people are experiencing the same phenomenon.

anyway. i’m curious what you guys think, do you guys get grenades literally every drop? with a very rare chance at the other options? i’ve never got gold from the crate. it’s not like the pvp crate where sometimes i’ve got gold in 2 consecutive drops. so i would love some feedback to hear you guys experiences! maybe they’re not checking the actual percentages, or maybe it’s more nefarious than that and they’re straight up lying. i doubt that the latter is the case though, which is why i am asking the community for their experiences. thanks!

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I get grenades majority of the time. Be better if they weren’t in there at all

Well, not every drop, i get other stuff, but i get it with the commonality of a falling star

It’s a common problem with percentages, providing you trust they are accurate then gamblers fallacy may confuse you into thinking the percentage is higher as you have opened more crates

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I save up to buy at least 10 at a time. When I do that, I seem to get a variety of stuff.

Exactly. It makes no sense whatsoever. Why give us grenades when we already have an overabundance from doing GW in the first place? New people who would actually need the grenades can’t even start getting them until level 70, making the bronze, silver, and gold even more useless.

The grenades need to be replaced. Give us quick win tickets instead. Give us a single platinum piece of MK gear, or a single plat star or sword. Something semi useful, but still not super powerful. I am down from 2000 tickets to under 500 due to the ridiculous cost of Gaunrtlet auto wins, and I only auto win maybe once a week if that.

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I was just talking about quick win tickets with someone in my alliance. We both agree when we run out of tickets we are done with the game.

Funny thing is everytime I open 2 crates In row I get exactly the same thing 100 % of the time. If I open at different times I get different rewards. Go figure. But I’m sure it’s not a glitch.

I have no clue how different times would influence percentages? Use the grenades for war tokens, I got a good 200k war tokens from all my grenades, it’s not like they’re sitting there useless

Like the song goes; Always look on the bright side of life.

The grenades just equate to War tokens. But I am getting grenades about half the time, I usually get stamina. Overall, the gorgon crate is an improvement because we have a chance to get something else (useful) even its not as high a chance as some of us wanted.


I think the granades should be taken out of the crate