When Is HH Going to Stop Giving Worthless Rewards?

Let me start by saying I think most of the recent changes have been great. It seems they are addressing a lot of issues with under used heroes, PVP, and events. With that said, I don’t understand the thought process behind the item rewards for some things though.

For instance the new Gorgon Wakes crate has grenades being the reward with the highest chance. WHY? People who have played for at least a month already have way more grenades than they will ever need, and now you are giving them as an additional reward from the crates from doing the same event? It’s overkill.

Another example is the skill points from PVP. It’s great that skin tokens were removed since they don’t seem to be getting used anytime soon, but why give skill points of all things??? Since this change I have yet to drop below 100 skill points. I cant even get under 10 so they start re-charging. At one point I had over 400.

Why not instead of putting all these absolutely worthless rewards in the game, you give something a little more useful? You jacked the quick win price of Gauntlet through the roof, so why not make QW tickets a possible reward in PVP tournaments and the GW crates? If not quick win tickets, why not something else minor, that is actually somewhat useful?


Last time have skin tokens, now no more.

Stop complaining!!! If you are playing more than one-two years and you have more grenades from Gorgon, why you didn’t exchange that for the war coins??? You all forgetting about other people, who just started to play. I am playing around the year. And I like new rewards. And I don’t like that about yours complaining we don’t get skin tokens now. It mean, that people who plays less than half year, can’t open and upgrade new skins. If you have “Worthless” things - you can exchange it for war coins, and build platinum boosters by yourself. It doesn’t mean that other players no need this things, just because several players have it too much.


That, is actually not a bad idea to be honest


More Platinum stuff would be nice, and I don’t mean Buy platinum stuff with gold. :frowning:

I acknowledged new players needing the grenades, but if they do Gorgon Wakes for a few months they will quickly get more than enough.

Also, I didn’t say remove them completely, I asked why they are the most likely reward from the crate? I have literally thousands and they gave MORE grenades as the highest drop chance from the crate? What sense does that make?

I would rather get some platinum swords or mark V fragments, even if it’s only 1 per GW run, or a drop chance from the crate. At least those would be useful. Sure I can trade the gear in for AW tokens, but I also have a huge surplus of those soo…


Starting a text with stop complaining is not the best. The guy is just saying how he feels. Even for those who just starts the game grenades and other gear that GW gives are more then enough. Have you ever heard anyone that started the game and said he’s short for the gears GW gives? Well I am sure not. And plus the point here is why add that as extra rewards when I am sure everyone have more then enough. Even those who only started the game.


It was looks like complaining. If you want to another rewards - make a suggestion. Likewise what do want to see in rewards? And, why grenades are "worthless "? Do you have all of heroes in platinum and with 5 stripes? Everytime, when I entering here, someone is complaining about how much they have skin tokens, or skill points, now is grenades… do these resources take up a lot of place? because of those complaining, rewards has changed. Anyway, more of yours doesn’t like it… so in this case, what do you want to get in rewards???

Reading comprehension is a valuable skill. I very clearly stated they could give quick win tickets, platinum swords, or core MK V gear.

To answer your question, I have well over a thousand platinum grenades and only need 42 atm, so yes, I could get every hero I own to 5 bar plat if it was only based on grenades. Other materials (like MK gear!) are what’s needed as well though.


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