How's Bolt?

I’ve faced a few tough teams that had Bolt in them. Not sure if he just happened to be on them or if they were tough because of him. I’ve got a ton of his shard stacked up and wanted to know if he is worth the investment.

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Good if you take control, strong skill on electric hero, but if you let AI control bolt, 1 time on 5 he miss the ennemy.
In my opinion if you compare with other crossbow user, Cross is better.

Essentially a low starred Mechanical Artemis with more damage focused abilities. With all the Iceboxes, Hiveminds, and Halloways running around pvp he makes a great counter to them. When used properly he can whittle a team down one by one. And sometimes two by two thanks to shrapnel shot. When starred up he can make for a replacement to Artemis, and arguably a better one.
He’s good for pvp and bounties, as long as you aim for the head. I wouldn’t use him on pve. Like @Nangaf said he is better when controlled by a player, which I would do in pvp, but not pve.
As for your question, is he a core part of the teams you are going against? Probably. Again he can deal high amounts of damage to energy targets and enemies in general. That damage is worth something in pvp. Is he worth the investment? It depends. If you have Artemis or are hopeful of obtaining Artemis, then it’d be easier to promote her than to promote and Star up Bolt. But Bolt isn’t hard to get, and you can easily get fragments for him from the Hard missions. I’ll let you make your own call on that

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In a nutshell: a piloted Bolt is very effective against Energy enemies, and thrives on headshots. He is particularly strong against energy rearline and frontline (Castellan) heroes.

However, bolt is squishy and without support he can be easily dispatched.

Slower version of Hardscope.

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