I didn't get the shiv skin in the event. Will it come back?

I ran all the missions with an alliance so I did 4 each day. I opened the vice crates each day and no skin. I see the mission ends today, so I am out of chances. Will it be coming back?

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Probably not, the best you can do is spend gold and hope from those resets, you can get her

It would be nice if I could spend the 11k skin tokens I have for it

I missed carabina skin, still nothing abt it

I wonder if they will be added into the skin crate as these skins aren’t holiday event specials.

We’ve said in the past that these skins will be available at somepoint in the future. no plans on when or how yet though.


Think at the bare minimum they will be as available as holiday skins. Meaning a wait of 1 year minimum is what I’m expecting.

I used over 10,000 tokens and purchased several cash crates trying to get the skin for Shiv and got nothing. I call complete bullshit. They need to change the percentages or do something different. I know they are in it to make money but dayum

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Sucks I got her skin on the first crate and 2 more times after that it’s pure luck