I’m lovin the new raid they just added

The new raid is awesome and is a fresh breath of air for the game. I especially love the fact we have Commandos and a ally Gorgon helping us fight a Helios in the end, a great finale to a raid if I’m gonna be honest. It’s a shame it possibly won’t be here for long, it’s only available for 5 days :cry:


I feel the exact same way! Putting the 200 gold per reset aside, I absolutely love the new additions to the map added to the D1 locations. Starting where mission 10 takes place, and ending where mission 1 starts was a fun twist. The allied commandoos and the Gorgon was a really cool addition as well. Overall I’d say I’m very impressed with this raid, definitely a step in the right direction if you ask me. :slight_smile:


I’m agree…

The raid is fun…
Hopefully Deca will consider this type of raid to become a co op raid… Perhaps as a substitute of the daily Gorgon Wakes… Or at least make it weekly…
Please make the Ethereal frags as one of the rewards too…


I would absolutely love a new co-op raid instead of the boring old gorgon, gets old quick, wish it was just one win and done, and two for trading.


I liked the new raid it gave the players to get yellow and purple fragments. It should be put into a rotation to allow us to upgrade the heros in need of those fragments.


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