A Possible (Minor) Upgrade for Richter

So first off, I’d like to say that Richter isn’t a bad hero, at all. Just uh, not special enough for most A-Teams.

I feel that his gold skill is underwhelming though, and I know a way that could possibly be solved. Let’s take a look.

If you ask me, immunity to knockback is pretty OP; most skills get interrupted before they can be utilized because of knockback, especially in PvP. Now, if the effects of Richter’s gold skill could be shared with all his allies, too? Well, I think that’d make him more viable, and would probably fit in more B or C teams, instead of C and D teams. The armor boost is a nice vitality kick, too. Anyways, lemme know what y’all think.

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Knockback immunity as a skill would be incredible. Perhaps it could be incorporated into a separate hero if it makes Richter too overpowered


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