Interesting Gold Skill Changes

I’m a big fan of some of the “weaker” heroes in the game and a few of them I feel could use some minor tweaks to really bring them out of the shadows and compete in some team compositions. I’m not trying to make these heroes overly strong, but just some small additions to already existing skills that could make them somewhat viable in different modes.

Richter’s Entrench:
Old: While [Entrench] is active, this hero gains Armor, and immunity to knockback,
New: While [Entrench] is active, this hero gains Armor, and immunity to knockback, and a 40% reduction to enemy targeted disables.

Entrench currently is a very underwhelming skill. The armor is a nice addition, but its hardly enough to be worth the 8 second wait in the same position to get it. Immunity to knockback sounds very good, but currently it does not include structure knockback (When the enemy breaks your cover you are standing in) and there is only a few heroes in the game that have abilities that this prevents.
Adding a reduction to Crowd Control abilities would be huge for Richter. Decreasing stun,root (not that this would matter), disorient, silence, etc. duration would really fit what this ability is about, digging in and making him be able to take a hit and still keep pumping damage out.

Ronin’s Riposte
Old: Parries all incoming attacks, absorbs all attack damage up to a cap over 4 seconds and reflects it back at enemies.
New: Parries all incoming attacks, absorbs all attack damage up to a cap over 4 seconds and adds the amount of damage deflected to his next [eviscerate]

Ronin’s entire focus should be around his Bronze ability Eviscerate. How I see Ronin becoming strong as a damage dealing energy hero is having him be a long term “Nuke.” I want him to be rewarded for being patient over the course of a fight, slowly stacking damage for the right moment to finally use his bronze and turn a fight in his favor. Opponents will know they need to deal with him before he stacks too much damage, and this skill allows him to block any fire his way while also making him even stronger.

Pris’s Fatal wounds:
Old: All enemies hit by [Beguile] deal 15% less damage, all attacks against this hero do more damage.
New: If an enemy was also hit with [Sapper] within 5 seconds of taking damage from [Beguile], that enemy will take 30% of their max health in damage over 6 seconds.
(move “All enemies hit by [Beguile] deal 15% less damage” onto her bronze)

I always thought Pris had the best combo skill set in the game. She has the ability to throw he silver skill out and immediately use her bronze on them guaranteeing they take both forms of damage. Sticking with the name of her gold passive, I think she should be rewarded for hitting both abilities in her skill set in quick succession. This turns Pris into more of an assassination type hero where if she succeeds in doing her combo, the enemy has a high chance of dying. If they do somehow survive, they are maimed the rest of the fight with their reduction in damage.


Ronin’s need a taunt to be effective. Maybe When an allied hero is taunting, transfer the remaining duration to Ronin when Riposte is activated. This will create a nice synergy.

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Go work for Hothead.

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Yes totally agree, the added factor that you actually need the enemy to shoot at you for this to be effective is a tough one. If you were to add a taunt you would need to have the duration of it longer then the skill itself, something like 6-8 seconds just to balance it out.

There’s a few heroes that need a taunt in there skills as well. The one that needs it the most is Vanguard and his silver. Added armor and damage reduction doesn’t mean anything if no one targets you!

Definitely agree here. I also think Cast would benefit from taunt. Hes designed to work with a stun style team, but as the only tank there he needs to provide more than an extra stun imo. He just has too little utility and needs to take advantage of the added beef hes got.

Cast is a funny one. As of right now, i see him more as a crowd control/annoying tank rather than a shielding/mitigation one. He has a Silence, Stun, and Damage reduction just in his active skills while having self improving stats in his passive ones. I think the way you play cast is to stay alive as long as you can so you can consistently throw out your CC skills while being an annoying damage/tank hybrid with his gold. Having a taunt puts the focus on him when you would rather have him be the annoying scuba diver he is.

I don’t think hes designed to be the only tank in your team and would benefit from having a Baron or Butter alongside him.

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if Cast and Min focus on one target. It’s the most annoying thing that will ever happen to you.

im pitch in with

  1. gale
    they should change the status from stunned to disoriented
    because for gale 4 sec stun could change the flow of the match

(is this count as nerf??)

  1. castellan
    when the turret at full health, it gains bonus non-elemental damage

Ohhh I like that castellan idea.
I was thinking of maybe every 15 seconds the turrets next attack would be an AOE like a rocket or something. Could change his gold to fit that somehow.

We totally need these types of changes even more than new toons. =0 Would appreciate some Chesterfield and Scum love

I personally think scum is fine, His skill set is decent and has synergy and his health inst that bad either.

The only way I think Chester could get improved WITHOUT massively changing his skills would be making his trap be an instant root. It just takes way to long to arm and can easily be avoided with the amount of space we have on maps. Having it be an instant root could make him an “invisible” killer when paired with the rest of his skills. A combo of the trap into the flare can guarantee a kill on any hero being effected by Mandrakes passive or heroes with an invisible mechanic.

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Totally agree with Chesterfield. Even scum. But more so Chesterfield.

Chester has always looked good on paper, but his execution is overall too slow and not intuitive at all. I personally think if his skills charged faster and executed faster he would be better. I actually think aside from the boosted damage his plat brings (which isnt all that much) if both hits land he should get a 50% cooldown on his trap.

I mainly want him to throw out more traps and faster. I mean hes a master trapper! If he can trap a couple guys at once and switch between them as targets to keep them locked down, he actually has a playstyle and an effective one with certain teams.

Rooted doesnt normally define a match like stun or disorient does so i would love to see it be viable like this. Like a root/cover destroy team.

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