Time to new level at Gorgon Coop?

It’s perhaps time to make a new level at raid Coop, no?
A Gorgon level 65+???


Yeah! Make it 2 Gorgons simultaneously!

level 65+ would be ok, I’m waiting for that. But what additional rewards, (please no quick-win tickets) how about coal (money) or 2 mech, 2 bio, 2 energy frags or 5 uni frags or or or …?

We are looking at the possibility of adding new difficulty levels to our next update.


Dear developers. I would like to ask for another coop instead of gorgon. You can probably change the escenary in the assault too. It was a pleasure to play in other battle fields like hold the line and city hall. Yo have very nice and wonderful stages at level 10 use some of them.
P.D. the game is awesome, but needs a change of challenges in coops.

no more quick-win tickets….yes, i prefer more SP

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