No more death denying heroes

First Flatline now Ifrit, another hero that raises the dead. I hate these types of heroes in all games; dead heroes should stay dead. It’s one of those legal cheat codes that make some PvP matches absurd.

With these types of heroes PVP is no longer My daily go to in my free time
I Stop participating in the tournament because of the frustration of certain match ups
These unbeatable superteams have infiltrated Hero hunters ecosystem
there are I believe 50+ characters in the game but now it’s boiled down to five or so
that I keep running into and if you don’t have them you lose every time

I think to make it fair we also need a Mech reviver. It’s not playing an unfair game, or cheating, to use the characters that the developers have given us.
Both Flatline and Ifrit are kinda fragile, make sure to put them down ASAP - a dead reviver can’t revive anyone.

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