Ifrit Nerf

Yes you were… and why???

And here you are saying that Gammon is basically better than Panzer… then you say:

Then you start talking trash about other people:

And again:

And again:

And you reveled your knowledge about the game like this:

I find this way of behaving and writing quite offensive and you claim to know better than others all the time while you are running around with 9 star Silver Panzer doing 40K matches combined with a 7 star Plat Ifrit. Now you defend Ifrit plat as you use him to Revive the rest of your team Min/Maxing.

I won the first Ifrit PvP tournament only playing 60K games with all 5 heros 8-10 star platinum, and I agree to the consensus from most players that the PvP games are now much more boring with the Heal/revive focus you have to do to win, making all matches very long and boring after the August update.