Kunoichi fragments after March update

Attention trolls… This is the feedback section, so I’m providing feedback. Keep your comments to yourself unless you have something helpful or useful to say.

Here’s my feedback. Levels 1-3, 1-5, and 2-3 used to provide Sentry frags. Now Kunoichi has Sentry’s old levels plus her previous 13-3 and 13-9 levels for frags? Couldn’t some of these be spread out among other heroes (like Flatline, Butter, Panzer, Anvil, etc)? Was this an oversight with the March update?

This was intentional. Now, you have more chances to earn Kunoichi. It was not an oversight.

Thank you for responding Muninn.

I think it is good move but then most of players who can play chapter 13 already are strong enough to either have Kunochi at 10* so it just gonna help their heronium farm. What about players who were diligently working on Sentry only to be removed from campaign and then moved to PvP - which changes frequently. Is there gonna be any rest for us newer players who want their first 10*?

Same could have been said for Ritcher few months back but now he is completely removed from Campaign. Nothing is stable and I spend every month reanalysing my best way to work on my account and it is not fun doing it so frequently.

So is it a good move? That depends.

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