PVP 30 day characters

Did anyone’s PVP 30 day characters from the store renew to new characters and only having 9 days left? Can they fix this to give us a full 30 days?

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Yeah I faced the same problem after recent upgrade . The PvP heroes Heckler and Cast changed to Anvil and kaishi with a countdown of 9 days left. Kaishi and Anvil were originally supposed to be available in PVP Store for the month of February but it didn’t happen, so the developer have fixed it with this update.

this happened before, it’s not that big a deal. I don’t think it was fixed last time tho.

It’s just frustrating when you have less than a third of the regular time to grind for specific heroes. I wish they would revert back to the previous 2 heroes.

Yeah I know, but I would suggest you to grind on some regular available heroes for Heronium. For example each day we get fragments for some heroes like Surge , Matador , Cinder and Maven . Then through the Daily Login Calendar we have generally Kunoichi, Sentry and Cast. Also the two heroes that are constant in the Hard mode fragments are Ryker and Nightingale. Focusing more on these heroes and using your Energy , Mechanical, BioChem and Universal fragments wisely on some heroes is the best way forward according to me . If focus on improving stars on lot of heroes, you will have many heroes in 6-7 star range but not many in 8-9 star range. The jump from 8 to 9 and 9 to 10 would really test your patience because of the number of fragments required.