Improved Autoplay

Im seeing so much criticism about the nerfs and all the bug reports, that I just wanted to say, that I love the improved autoplay.

As an extensive auto-player, it just improved the game so much for me. Thanks for listening to the communitys criticism and finding an elegant way to make it better.


I agree! I never had any problems with autoplay before and how it’s even better. Hurray for this!
Nerfs are necessary sometimes and bugs happen - that’s just how it is. All in all the new update is amazing.

Just to add in my wholehearted agreement! Autoplay is so much better now.

Great feature, especially for the campaign. We can make strategic move better. If there is no problem in PVP in this update , I would say the greatest update.

With new updates new problems come, a mistake in code or an algorithm going crazy, it’s just good that we make a notice of those things to make sure people know they are not the only one and the devs can solve it.

On topic, I really agree, amazing auto play, awsome patrols, chat looks cleaner, the new hero’s look awesome and I love the new challenge feature

I didnt meant it to be as criticism against the other threads. I know that its important. Just look at it as filling up the start post with some words. I wanted to give some positiv feedback and thought that it should be more than “I like improved Autoplay”

Oh yeah I agree, didn’t see at as criticism, I also started the power bug post, it was meant as a constructive feedback/criticism haha, and that I agreed we should also give back the great new things about the update

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Thanks guys. One other thing that I’m excited about with Improved Autoplay is that we were able to roll it out early to a few key community members and content creators to gather feedback and that was really successful. Our schedule doesn’t always allow us to do this kind of stuff, but its something we want to work towards doing more often in the future!

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Was this announced or did I stumble across a new feature here,
but it’s possible to zoom in while autoplaying. If you zoom on Savage’s butt it fills the entire screen.

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Try galante :joy::joy:

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