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I have kicked a few members, but their names remain on the roster. How long will it take for the list to be updated?

That’s just a visual bug. It should refresh itself in a minute or two. Restarting your app will also fix it.

I am mentioning this because it’s been a few weeks and I start my game every day.

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Lmao if it has been weeks since you kicked someone and they are still there… well I hate to break it to you but you didn’t kick them…

Ps. If your alliance isn’t on private or closed then the members you kick can just join back again.


You should post the pic here to

It may help other to understand what u wanna say actually (to cleary understand the situation)

Nah, a pic isn’t really needed, is it? Eh, don’t know how. I would think that if you kick a member, their names would disappear from the roster. Over a month later after being kicked, the names are still their. So, how do I get rid of the names? If I kick them, the names should disappear automatically without banning or closing the off the members. Now do you get it?

If you kick someone from your alliance their name disappears immediately and the space opens. I’ll tell you what to try if you don’t believe me. Kick all the people you want gone and then make the alliance Private. You will see that they request to join again and you can reject them.

The only reason their names are coming back is because your alliance is open and you’re letting them join back again with nothing to stop them.


Gale, first and foremost, thank you for hanging in there. Second, how can I take a screen shot? Is that in-game or is there software needed? Ok, 1 more try. When you click on Alliance, there is a Members button of that screen. When I click that, I see my members. All 3 of them. When I do a Co-Op mission, there is the problem. The last 2 members kicked, their names show on the Co-Op list, not the Member list. How about that? Is that more clear?

co-op list shows your in-game friends list…not your alliance members list… You need to be friends with players to play co-op with them…


Ahhhhh you are looking at your friends list not your members list, this is why they keep appearing. When you click your chat icon to open chats and click the friends tab at the top middle of your screen you will see you have those people added. They aren’t in your alliance, if you want to see your alliance members then you go to the alliance tab on the bottom of the screen and click members.

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Yes Gale, you hit it on the head. Hah, sounds like something that a game show host would say. Yes, I befriended these guys as well as had them as members. LIke ya said, noob. Sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks so much for hanging in there. I look forward to talking to you again.


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