After playing Hero Hunters for awhile, I have noticed several things in the game that seem to be inconsistent. For example why do some skins give more power than others, or have different stat modifications? For example Gammond’s Patrolman skin gives 94 less power than his Farva, and it also gives armor, crit chance, and crit bonus vs armor, health, and damage. This is especially weird because one is a common skin, but gives more power than the rare. Pris is another example. Her Noir and Artic skins give armor, health, and damage while her Bunny gives almost 50 less power and gives armor, elemental armor, and health.

Another example of an inconsistency is the way some guns fire. I noticed it mostly with pistols and shotguns. Some heroes like Pris and Flatline you cannot hold the fire button down and shoot, you have to manually click it each time you want to fire. Other heroes like Jarek and Anvil allow you to hold down fire and keep shooting.

Another thing is some PVP tournaments don’t seem to have enough participants to actually justify the different rank rewards. I have noticed this a number of times. It will go from top 100% or 75% and then shoot down to top 500, making the 10%, 20%, 30%, etc. note even attainable ranks (since you will be in the top 500 before reaching those). Please see pictures below as an example, I was climbing the ladder and at 100%, got under 500 rank and then went from 100% to top 500, making the other three division ranks unobtainable:

Those aren’t inconsistencies, those are all intentional. Inconsistencies are when they put the wrong portraits, rewards, definitions in the raids, crates, and events, etc.

If you level up the skins to 3, the powers are different. Using your example, making each skin level 3 could show that one skin has more power than the other despite what the level 1 skins say. Besides, the rarity of the skins are just for aesthetics and the devs have explained that they want us to be able to change skins according to our needs. If you want a higher power then change the skin before using in war then if you want the better stats, change it before playing the hero. [quote=“Deathleech, post:1, topic:17956”]
For example Gammond’s Patrolman skin gives 94 less power than his Farva, and it also gives armor, crit chance, and crit bonus vs armor, health, and damage.

Pvp rewards, goal is to be in higher tiers like top 500. Lower tiers with the percentage aren’t that great so be grateful that you are in the higher tier. A lot of people who don’t use bonus heroes or have weaker heroes will be in the lower tiers because they earn less points per match. They will have a slower climb up to top 500 so those tiers are for them. And if you don’t play as actively then you get pushed down by the active players climbing the board. Your top 500 will be pushed down into the lower tiers eventually and you will be in % tiers.

Guns function differently based on design and which ones the heroes have so play around with them. It is easy to forget that some shots have to be clicked individually but that might also be due to you not being used to playing that hero.


I don’t see why ur complaining if the cheaper skins are better lol. Just saving u tokens and nano dust. Also, every heroes weapon works differently. They try to mix things up such as how u fire to keep the game interesting. And PvP has also been like that for a long time, just helps u understand where you’re at compared to everyone else participating in ur bracket, plus it tells u ur rank at the top of the screen anyway


Skins will have different stats. Some will have better stats or more defense stats. Depending on your play style

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What you listed are bugs or errors. The first two things I listed are definitely inconsistencies. Inconsistent: not staying the same throughout. Pistols do not all fire the same, skins do not all give the same stats, therefore they are inconsistent. I’m not talking about ammo capacity or damage either, I am talking about the fact you can auto fire with some of the pistols while you can’t with others. It doesn’t make much sense. As for the rest of my post, I think you missed my points.

They also have said they want to give players choices, but when one skin is better than the other that doesn’t give many choices. It’s just weird the more rare skins can actually have worse stats. Why pay more dust for a skin that is worse in stats? Just for the looks? It’s even more weird some heroes have 3 skins and 2 are identical stat wise while a third is different. Not sure what the reasoning is there?

I understand how climbing the ladder works, I have been playing this game for years and regularly place in the top 100. My point was the division 3, 4, and 5 ranks in my screenshot are literally unobtainable. You go from top 100% Division 6 to top 500 Division 2 since there are apparently not enough people playing to make up the 3 divisions in between. This should be addressed so that half the ranks aren’t unobtainable in a given PVP tournament, it makes no sense whatsoever.

When it comes to weapons, there isn’t a single one for each category. There are multiple. Different shotguns, smgs, AR, pistols. Each will have it’s unique way of firing not to mention the stats. Some might have stronger power, hold more ammo, etc.

I’m gonna guess those division stuff depends on your bracket. But I could be wrong there. I’m just guessing

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The divisions being “unobtainable” is not accurate. They ARE obtainable when, and if, there are enough people playing in a bracket to fill those divisions. For example, in the tournament you posted shots of, IF there were only 99 people playing in the mythic bracket everyone would be division 1 with a single win.

Jumping from top 100% to top 500 is possible because you can have a total point score that by percentages is not in the top 30 or 20 or 10% compared to all that are playing. But, the number of players can be small enough at the same time that one more win takes you into the top 500. Someone else, playing smaller power teams or not using bonus heroes could be moving in smaller increments per win than you and you may very well have knocked someone else into one of those percentage divisions.

Anyway, the short version is this: those divisions exist to accommodate situations when large numbers of players are active in your bracket. If not enough people are playing to statistically fill those divisions then you will jump right past them.

I get that, but that’s not really what I am talking about. All assault rifles and SMGs perform the same way. You can either tap or hold down the fire button to shoot them. The pistols don’t though. Some do not have the auto fire function, while others do. This isn’t a difference in damage, elemental type, or clip size, which are all intended differences. It feels more like something the devs just simply forgot to change on some of the heroes.

All silver and bronze abilities are activated the same way-by holding down the button. IN comparrison to the pistols, it would be like if on some you had to tap the ability button while others you held down.

I could maybe buy it being intended IF the pistols with higher ammo capacities had auto fire while the ones with fewer shots didn’t, but even that’s not the case. Flatline’s pistol has 8 shots per mag and does not have auto fire while Jarek’s has the same capacity with auto fire.

Yes, I am well aware of the reason these brackets were unobtainable. As I said in my original post:

It seems like this happens fairly often though. The simple solution would be bigger gaps, and higher % to hit each division. Instead of 100, 500, 10/20/30/100%, they could easily do 100, 500, then something like 40%, 50%, 75%, 100%. This way you would actually have the middle divisions obtainable, despite a lot less people playing in said tournament.

Guns fire as intended. Some rifles are semi-auto. Some pistols are machine pistols. It’s intentional. Get used to the way each Hero works!

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I agree, plus no hero should be the same. All the guns look different so they should be different.

I get that. 4-Cep obviously has a high clip, high ROF pistol. Flatline/Jarek/Pris have lower ammo capacity, slower ROF pistols.

However, and I cannot stress this enough, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT THE GUNS ROF/DMG/ELEMENTAL/ETC. It seems there is a lot of confusion and people keep bringing up their STATS. I am talking about the actual button you need to press to fire them. Some pistols that have slow ROF and low clip sizes actually need to have the fire button pressed every time to fire them. If you hold the fire button down they will not shoot a second time like almost every other weapon in the game (including most other pistols).

Yes. Some guns are semi-automatic. Some are automatic. Even within the same class of weapon, this may vary. One pistol may be semi, one may be auto. This is as designed, absolutely, categorically, 100%.

Ok, it just seems like a weird mechanic because I don’t think ANY assault rifle/SMG/LMG work like that, they all can be auto fired when you hold the button down. I would have the check snipers and shotguns, but just doing some preliminary testing and snipers function both ways. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason. For example Night can hold the button and keep firing even though she has only 1 shot per clip, while Hardscope with 8 shots per clip needs to fire each shot by hitting the button.

Also, most pistols can have the button held down to auto fire. In fact I went through and of the 16 heroes listed as having pistols, all but 3 can auto fire. Only Pris, Clyde, and Flatline must click the button each time to fire.

Like I always say, there’s a reason for everything! It might not be apparent, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

End of line.

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Fair enough.

Are the skin differences intended to? The rare ones being less power or worse stats then the common ones? What about the PVP ranks? Why is it always 10/20/30%, then a huge jump to 100% when there aren’t enough people playing to even reach the lower percents before you hit 500/100?