Increase the maximum level and new tasks of the day

I suggest adding the maximum level from 100 to 130 . Many have already reached level 100 and do not know what to do next. Also in extreme mode, rivals have a higher level in the company and raids. Adding a level, people will continue to swing.
I suggest adding new tasks to reach new levels as quickly as possible. Now there will be mega tasks for a week:

  1. Go through 100 PVP battles. Reward 5000 PVP crystals, 5000 hero experience.
  2. Go through the company 200 times in normal mode. The reward is 500,000 bucks. 5000 hero experience.
  3. It is difficult to go through the company 200 times in the mode. The reward is 1,000,000 bucks. 10000 hero experience.
  4. Go through the company 200 times in extreme mode. The reward is 2.000.000 bucks. 20,000 hero experience.
  5. Pass 50 patrols. The reward is 5000 Union crystals. 2500 hero experience.
    The awards are approximate, at the discretion of the developers.

I am sure that many players want to get a new level and new rewards as soon as possible .

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