Boosting experience of heroes

I want everyone’s thoughts on how to boost overall level fast. From what i understood it is mostly based on all the missions (normal,hard,extreme) . Shouldnt all events like coops,single coops,pvps etc give some level of experience ? Even more tough for players not using vips in my opinion playing through every mission.


Completing daily quests gives you exp. The reason not every gamemode rewards with exp is to extend the longetivity of the game. The missions also help with exp, but that’s the best way to make progress.

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I understand, but i have been 90 for ages and now after even all the grinding i did before i still have to earn it which will take me over 100 days or so

Xp boosters for gold could be fine

Going from lv 90 to 100 will take about 2 years for most causal players; I am in no personal rush haha

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Halfway to level 95. However long they increased it to 100 is how long it took me. I don’t spend gold on stam. The key is quick winning extreme district 3 levels

I would have taken about 6 months to reach level 95 quietly I will surely need more than 6 months to reach level 100 it is long but I find it good not like before or it unlock 5 by 5 and 3 weeks after that was blocked so for me I validate and it suits me

Haha, says about it all. Lvl 91-100 takes a long time, maybe there could be new game modes only available for lvl 90 to gain xp.

And unfortunately the way they set it up, there is VERY LITTLE reason to get to 100. Everything big ( platinum 6 bar and ruby) comes at 95 now. Hitting level 96-100 is only a small boost in hero power each level. Currently there are no new raids or anything, so there isn’t much excitement after 95.

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I agree, just need to reach 95 then.

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Well, once players begin getting Ruby 1 and 2, lv 100 is going to look more appealing for players, especially for war purposes.

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Thé best way up 10 héros from 0 to plat5 10 star …pro character you Will up 20k around

Im sorry, I just want to be clear……….you can gain team experience by upgrading heroes from green to plat and 1-10 stars? You get team XP for that? @Mika_Schneider

I was wondering the same thing… :thinking:

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