Is 100% Aim Sensitivity TOO SLOW 4 U?

Are you one of the many players like me that have their Aim Sensitivity set to 100% & still think it’s not fast enough? :sloth: ESPECIALLY ON NEW PVP :bullettrain_front: TRAIN LEVEL? :man_facepalming:t2: Yes, you know the stage, where you need to aim from one side of the screen to the other :left_right_arrow: Almost 180 Degrees (unless your on the side where the other side is tiny) Now don’t get me :no_entry_sign: wrong, I’m :grinning: Happy they finally :open_hands:t2: released more pvp levels, but like I’ve said before, most people believe in instant gratification :white_check_mark: but not me, I think it takes too long (insert sarcasm).

My point :small_red_triangle_down: is like many of my favorite shooter games I’ve played throughout the years, is just having the Option to set my Aim Sensitivity to a ridiculous amount that no one would ever use, like the max level on the Toaster :fire: that can turn your :brown_square: bread into charcoal :black_large_square: It’s there so you can fine tune & adjust to it to your own perfect choice. Now I know the toaster level set to max isn’t for burning things, it’s for Frozen Waffles & such, but with as much :watch: time as I & whomever else have spent playing Hero Hunters & have exceeded a million power, I would love to see this changed in the game, to :heart: love it even more. Not :speak_no_evil: complaining, just hoping. :four_leaf_clover:

To those who already use 100%

Would you like to see a large increase in MAX Aim Sensitivity where you can set it to an unusable amount, thusly allowing you & everyone else the Option to Fine Tune it to your perfect selection?

  • Yes
  • No

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(I know there was a similar topic discussed about Aim Sensitivity not too long ago)

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Your overuse of emoticons makes me feel old


It makes me feel young. That’s how my father texts me.


This post deserves all the views simply based on the cleverly placed emoticons. Bravo, lol.


What if we…only communicated in emojis, that would be something.


:+1:t2: :white_check_mark:

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We are past that age now lol…that was 3000 years ago. in Egypt…anyway I like low sensitivity so 100% is juat fine for me


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