Option to Disable Gold Purchases

So, I’ve managed to buy the 10x Gold Crate for the second time - only this week, setting me back 2k gold. Needless to say, it’s quite devastating to lose that much gold on a few mis-taps. And I’ve done these mistakes before, also buying unwanted stamina refills and whatnot.

I often mis-tap the “Purchase Stamina” button when I reach for the Android drop menu at the top. Similar thing with the Gold Crates, where I’m trying to navigate away from the “Shop” tab, going to “Missions”, followed by “Alliance”, but instead manage to hit the large “Gold Crate” button, followed by “Open 10”.

Hence what I’d like to see is to either have the ability to disable gold purchase until you need it. Or, the option to have some type of authentication prompt each time you try to make a purchase. Could either be the fingerprint or PIN code used to unlock the phone, or specific code you set in the game itself.

Even better for me would be to have the ability to disable certain purchases I don’t ever want to make (like the 10x Gold Crate), so I wouldn’t have to worry about ever misclicking them again.

And yes, I’m aware the issue of accidental gold purchases have been brought up plenty of times before, but it’s still way too easy to make these kinds of mistakes, imo.

I mean, there are conformation screens before the purchase is complete. Just accidentally clicking the stamina refill doesn’t force you to go throughout with it. Just back out. I never under how this can be an issue for some users.

It’s the fast tapping syndrome. You tap fast to skip animations and so on. In the case of the Gold Crate, the “Open 10” button is placed where the bottom tabs usually are, making it easy to press by accident. The few times I’ve mis-pressed the buy stamina button, I didn’t even notice that I touched that top “flash” icon, as I rolled down the phone menu. Then upon rolling it back up, I had wasted 60 gold. But again, the 10x GC is the bigger issue.

And yeah, I know I could just slow down and do every tap on the screen with great care and caution. Only that would make the daily grind even more time consuming than it already is.

I have the same problem i chuck my phone in pocket and boom there goes 2000 gold gone

Yeah, really frustrating when it happens. Would really like to see some optional cap, before you risk losing too much.

Just imagine letting a kid play with your phone for a few minutes. Could lose everything you’ve saved for months or years within minutes. Not to mention if you’ve put loads of real money into it.

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