Underated hero's

There will always be a hero who is underated or considered out shined by your mandrake dog faces and panzers but is that a fair judgement I think not I’m gonna list some hero who I think are underated
Bolt6* gold:amazing DpS damage and skills has a fast reload can one shot enemy’s with his bronze skill but has a low amount of health’s and needs good aim peopel generally take panzer or dog over him but I think he still holds up and is great

Cast6*gold1 stripe:why is this dude not appreciated all that much he can stun silence break cover and tank he can do a lot and he is easy to level

Mauler 5*gold:yes I know he is popular with a few people but not enough mauler is one of the best counter’s to panzer or dog face with his awesome stunning ability’s what are you waiting for level him up

So these are some underated hero’s I think we should use more but please post any hero’s you think are underated

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Bolt has, like you already said yourself low health. If he meets another damage dealer he is down in seconds and to build a team around him to protect, he is not good enough.

Cast was great before they nerfed his damage to zero. Loved to play him. Tanky as hell, but now you just work around him, because the only threat he has is his stun.

Mauler is great, but not really underrated anymore, more and more upgrade him now to make use of his skill combo. Same with Ghoul. I liked him before he got buffed in the last update, but now he is amazing. Making his Gold work and the lower cooldown of his bomb gave him a real push.

Hideo and Sapphyr are a bit underrated for me. They are low on health but Hideos stun and blocking skills with his Bronze can get annoying. Same with Sapphyrs Platinum heal block. And her Bronze does good damage.

I don’t know bolt is a lot of fun and takes a lot of skill to play but one thing I disagree with you is the fact cast was great before his damage nerd to be honest cast can take out squishy DPS fast and take all the punishment like a boss plus since he is a great cover breaker he works really great with keel yes I noticed that after I posted the post with mauler

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If cast would get a taunt he would be amazing, I agree with @Cool_hand on this one, I used him a lot, but with 0 damage he’s a liability in the team atm, especially with the current meta.

He’s 8* gold on my team and had my fun with him, he might be more useful when all my hero’s are end game material, but I guess I would still take another one over him.

Kraterios true but eh my opinion and my opinion is cast is great

He’s a good support, silence, stun and a s*** load of health haha

I think Elite Rifleman and Steele are sick underrated.
Also Ronin, Fischer and Oro to a certain degree.

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@ULFPAM, Fischer gained the hate during the bounty he was featured, his bronze skill doesn’t deal the high damage(same with mauler in bounty) you want it to do, and his silver was really buggy before the fix, his gold seems a little to short though and to weak to deal a good amount of damage.

But outside the bounty I think he can be a decent hitter with his bronze and silver, but I think because of the first impression almost everyone doesn’t touch him

Would be sick if he kicked 25% of the bounty’s health away though.

Lol that would be broken to

I know, it would be broken if you did 25 %

But I think the other stuff I said about him is probably the problem most people have with him, I think most people haven’t touched him since the bounty

My 8* Cast does 15-18k a shot on a mech Hero with similar strength. Thats just laughable. If I fight against him I simply ignore him until all the oher are dead because he is no threat. I don´t know how his damage scales, he may be okay in mid level PvP. But if you fo below 20k damage on a 300k+ HP target, thats nothing.
The combination with Keel was great before the nerfs. But now it is othing to go for. 1,7k heal a second on 8* Gold is nothing you really need. Her Bronze is great tho.

Whatever man if he works for me he works also cast is the first hero I got from campaign so nostolgia does play a role in me liking him

I also think Elite Rifleman might be underrated. I mean to me, his skills look pretty good. Same with Clyde, I enjoy using him a lot