Is Fortress any good?

I got fortress from the pvp store and I was wondering if he’s worth using.

Fortress used to be really good because people didn’t understand how to fight him. However, he is not so good anymore, but is still a viable character.

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If you use Fortress on a team that shields him, especially with Caine, he can work sometimes. His recharge skill is his main value, but he actually can do decent damage to bios with his main weapon. He’s just too easy to disrupt and kill.

Fortress has a odd relationship with support. It often times stops him from doing his job, yet it is often times needed for him to complete it. It’s not a good meta for him to be in now, though, because of how vital support is.

At least he’s cute. :slight_smile:

Sure, in a Jason from Friday the 13th fuses with a blue devil incarnate kind of way…

Fortress is a tanky hero and worth for his silver skill
Bronze, meh, maybe
Gold and plat just raise his survivability

Fortress really isn’t that good anymore. Basically just leave her until last, shoot her once in awhile to keep the bonus damage off, and then wait until you are ready to burst her down.

Like MuthaSuckaz said, her ability is easy to disrupt. The only time she is a menace is if you can’t kill her, she is low hp, she gets shielded, and can heal herself up with Recharge. Usually it’s because the AI is pelting her before you are ready to kill her. Usually she isn’t a problem at all though.