Is hiemlock still the best in top order? Who are the best 5 heroes?

Who are the best heroes in top order?? I saw a 2018 post and nothing after that.

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Best heroes for what? Heim is far from top tier anymore

Like the element wise…like mech, chem and energy we use the top squad for pvp, missions, etc. I have Mandrake for chem in top 6 plat. Was thinking should i replace with hiemlock, well i dont have hiemlock yet though!!!

Every hero is best, you need a proper team for it . Unless a proper team even strongest hero like SHIVS also cant survive.

Thank you for your response… Yes, i understand!! But as per my squad, which do you prefer??

Thanks for your response gale😊

Heimlock is a good PVP hero , nowadays some take him as solo healer. Not OP but useful

Who is the best healer and damage dealer both?? Whom can i really invest on?

Gale is the best to put in this category. Keel also do a nice job . Francoise is mix of healing and attacking. Invest in them for pvp

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Wonderful!! And for campaigns??

Element is wrong classification. You need look into universality / damagers / healers / support / tank groups.

As for me most useful and universal 5* is Phalanx & Oracle. Damagers is Shivs and Irezumi. Healer is Duran. Support is Francoise & Alkatraz. Tank is Razorback and Marianas.

Totally useless trash is Clayton.

All other decent heroes, but needed from time to time or if you don’t have better alternative. Or just like someone. :slight_smile:


Wonderful!!! @DRey thanks for this😁

Take help of anybody else, PVP is my job.

Haha…thank you so much @R15HAV for your valuable and quick response .

@Sculptor13 I’m always here to help everyone

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Damage - Shivs, Kurtz, 4-cep, Ronin, Kunochi

Tank - Phalanx, Castellan, Mandrake, Cast, Butter

Healer - Duran, Keel, Françoise, Kobold, Caine

Damage - Siren, Astrix, Halo, Dogface, Kunochi

Tank - Hivemind, Mandrake, Phalanx, Alcatraz, Baron
(Hivemind is only good with Halo)

Healer - Duran, Keel, Flatline, Françoise, Moss

Damage - Siren, Halo, Astrix

Tank - Hivemind, Butter, Mandrake
(Hivemind is only good with Halo)

Healer - Duran, Flatline, Françoise

If ur wondering why Hivemind is only good with Halo, it’s because his drones trigger Halo’s plat skill. This is also in order. If anyone disagrees with me or thinks a hero should’ve made the list or should be somewhere else, let me know


mmmm I don’t see Serial :thinking:

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Gale is far from the best healer, Duran is by a long shot. Keel is a close contender.


Imho you have to divide heroes by their usefulness. My personal classification is: support, dps, standalone, healer, shielder. Every hero has his purpose, except rifleman lol


I divide by War, PVP and PVE.

War heroes are high in power but may not be very useful for other game modes like Carabina, Klayton and Marlowe

PVP heroes are usually the meta such as Serial, 4-cep, shivs, Mandrake, Duran, Keel etc

PVE heroes are what you can use for missions such as Extreme and bounty events, these include heroes like Alcartraz, Kurtz, Flatline, Heim

Some heroes have crossover and some are great for all 3 such as Kurtz, Serual, Mandrake, Duran, Astrix.