Is it 3pm yet!?!?!

The rush has set in!

Soon a new 3 day bounty event will be upon us all to slay as many targets as possible!

Its fun managing the bounties you and your fellow alliance members work together on to effectively collect as many tokens towards the milestones, and especially the rank rewards!

All of this builds quite a nice relationship with fellow members as it pushes for cooperat…

Who am I kidding the scale of power is still tilted on Panzers shoulders, so just run her through as many missions as possible with aids like Salvatore or Dogface for max damage output…

I wonder who will achieve the hardest kill with the weakest Pazer based team, with or without help…

Wait… oh no… what if the bounty IS PANZER!

In Sweden is 3pm in 20 minutes but I have to wait until 9pm to start my bounty hunt event.

That is cool to note! Hopefully by the time 9pm rolls round for you that we all have a nice and easy bounty beginning!!

I’m not entirely sure that Panzer is going to dominate the bounty hunt. Sure, she’s strong and all but after her initial kaboom attack and her first 20 shotgun blasts she’ll be quite regular. If Hivemind receives a nice boost his drones will inflict immense bounty damage.