Bounties.....vary what days they happen please!


So bounties only ever happen at the weekend, is there a chance that could be varied up and have them midweek as well?

I know lots of people are active midweek but can’t be very active at the weekend and only having bounties, an event that requires a lot of time if you are contributing to an alliance, at the weekend is quite annoying.

Maybe alternate weekend and midweek bounties?


Thanks for the feedback! The schedule is unlikely to change to what you’re suggesting, but as always, we’ll present your feedback to the rest of the team. Thanks.

Let’s do bounty like war back 2 back forever

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Big oof, mid week would suuuuuck for so many I think, a poll should be in order

So does having war constantly but look where we’re at


Bounty in der Woche finde ich auch nicht schlecht , meist ist das Wochenende der Familie zugesprochen u. Somit haben viele keine Zeit

Thank you for the reply. Someone mentioned a poll might be a good idea to gauge how people feel on the subject, maybe an idea?

You can do a poll if you like, but we can’t promise any changes based on the results. We use a variety of data to make decisions for the health of the game and its community. Not all of our players use the forum, and leaving decisions up to a poll could have negative effects on the game. Feel free to voice your opinion, though! We always accept feedback.

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