There should be Daily Bounties to partake

It would be basically play like fighting a Bounty except it’s just not inside an the event. One or more daily bounties to defeat that offer hero fragments of that Bounty. The Heroes that would be boosted during the actual Bounty Event would also have stat boosts against the daily Bounty.

I ask this because I really like melting health bars and I hate PvP.

Your thoughts?


That would be awesome! And depending on how strong your alliance is depends on how much health and how strong the bounty is. And if your alliance can kill him in 24 hours you get rewarded with frags or whatever. Thats a great idea. I think everyone in the alliance should get 2 - 3 hits a day on it, or maybe just 1, idk and have a small reward for top damage dealers

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Like your thinking I’d go along with that idea

Awesome idea. The perks for the devs would be they could sell extra hits for gold. Win win


I would love that idea! Hopefully the devs would see this!

just not Fischer! NOT Fischer!! :laughing: