Is pvp bugged and exploits atm

Been battle a bit now and flatline I’ve seen revive herself with no other hero with revive skill. Only healer on field is flatline yet another hero randomly gains health? and yes I know Callious, Oracle etc have heal attached to some skill but Im taking No other heal effects. Then the 300 mile an hour dive across map by heros as the go from cover.

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Lol. I thought I was the only one facing the Flash.

Make sure there’s not a Mandrake on the opponents team, but I don’t discount what you’re saying at all. Its happened to me also, but not that frequently.

Yeah checked all hero mandrake heals allies when invis I mean only flatline as healer yet dogface got health 3 or 4 times when almost dead about 3rd of health bar.

Other one was.only nightingale left alive and she shoots fr9m one side of map to other faster than I could blink.